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About ATTO Timesheets: Time & GPS Tracking for Employees

Atto is the simplest timesheet app for small businesses. Tap a button to clock in and start tracking your time. Your work hours turn into simple, accurate timesheet reports automatically.

Detailed insights into your team's daily activity give you actionable knowledge that helps you grow your business. Find out instantly who’s on the clock, on break, hasn’t showed up for work yet or is enjoying some time off. Generate powerful timesheet reports automatically, including regular time, overtime, breaks, jobs and paid time off. Less time spent preparing timesheets means more time to focus on things that matter.

Increase accountability through complete transparency and never second-guess your team’s timesheet reports again. Save time and money and focus on real growth.

You run your business.
We’ll make sure timesheets are filled painlessly and on time.

Key Features

Whether in the office or while on the move, time tracking has never been simpler. Just tap a button to clock in and start tracking your time.

While on the clock, you can track time towards specific job codes, add insightful notes, take a break or add paid time off.

Get real-time updates on your team’s location. Mobile GPS tracking helps you ensure everyone is safe, productive and in the right place at the right time.

Location tracking turns off as soon as you clock out.

You will never be in the dark again. At a glance, find out where your team is, how long they’ve been working and what they’ve been working on.

Your team’s daily activity contains all the info you need to run your team while on the move.

Empower your team with automated timesheets and get accurate reports, including regular time, overtime and PTO. Never second-guess your timesheet report’s accuracy again.

Spend less time preparing and collecting timesheets and jump straight to what matters - the data.

And this is not all. Atto has so much more to offer, including:

• Organized Job Codes
Easily allocate time tracked to specific purposes with job codes. Get a better understanding of where your hours are going.

• Transparent Breaks
While on the clock, start your break with the simple tap of a button and ensure your timesheets are accurate.

• Insightful Notes
Add notes to each timesheet with as many details as you need and keep your team up to speed with the latest info.

• Paid Time Off Hours
Track your team’s PTO hours, whether personal, vacation or sick leave.

• Managed Clock In & Out
When your team is at the job site, managers can clock in and out on the employees’ behalf.

• Manually Added Time Entries
Add or edit time entries manually to ensure all work hours are accurate and accounted for. All edits are flagged for review.

• Powerful Daily Timeline
In a clear and accurate timeline view, you’ll get a powerful report of each employee’s daily activity.

• Scheduled Email Reports
Schedule your team’s timesheet report straight to your email based on your payroll period.

• Smart Notifications
Get clock in and out reminders and notifications whenever an employee clocks in/out or edits a time entry.

• GPS Tracking, Only If Necessary
If it’s not the right fit for your team, you can turn off location tracking completely.

• Job Sites
Name your job sites and generate easy-to-read timesheet reports.

• Organized Departments
Group your teams into departments and stay organized.

• Offline Compatibility
Keep your timesheets updated, even when out of service.

• Battery Efficient GPS Technology
Ensure you are always powered up and there is minimal battery consumption.

• Privacy & Security
As soon as you clock out, location tracking is turned off completely.

For feedback, ideas or questions, please contact us at [email protected]

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Great and fun exoeriance
Yvette Bradford
Useful and convenient for work practices.
Nicholas Barbee
I run a small tree and landscaping service. This app allows me to see where my crew is, and track hours. Perfect app!
Lenny Stratton II