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About Timely: Time Tracking App & Billable Hours Tracker

Timely takes the sting out of time tracking by doing the job for you. Log work hours, track project time and create weekly timesheets effortlessly with automatic time tracking.


Timely automatically tracks all the time you spend in:

• Web & desktop applications
• Client meetings
• GPS locations
• Documents
• Browsers
• Emails

No billable hours are forgotten or left behind — get an accurate, reliable time record across all clients and projects.


Time is power. Timely helps you improve time efficiency and profitability using:

• Task and activity breakdowns
• Project budget tracking
• Billable vs non-billable time
• Estimated time vs logged hours
• Simple work scheduling


When you bill by the hour, you shouldn’t have to waste time tracking time. Minimize your efforts with:

• AI-assisted time logging
• Fully accurate timesheets
• Ready-made reports
• Real-time project dashboards
• Simple time chart creation

Just focus on your work and log hours whenever you’re ready; it only takes a click.

Timely is available on all devices – Mac, Windows, iOS and Android – so you can track time seamlessly on your laptop and mobile phone.

Try it for free; subscribe if it’s love. ❤️

** Sign in to Timely’s web and desktop apps to access every feature **

Send it over to [email protected] and we'll add it to our development roadmap!


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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Timely?

Timely is a time tracking app and billable hours tracker that automatically logs work hours, tracks project time, and creates weekly timesheets.

How does Timely track work time?

Timely automatically tracks the time spent in web and desktop applications, client meetings, GPS locations, documents, browsers, and emails.

How does Timely help manage work time?

Timely helps improve time efficiency and profitability by providing task and activity breakdowns, project budget tracking, identification of billable vs non-billable time, and comparison of estimated time to logged hours.

How does Timely save time?

Timely minimizes the effort required for time tracking by offering AI-assisted time logging, fully accurate timesheets, ready-made reports, real-time project dashboards, and simple time chart creation.

On what devices is Timely available?

Timely is available on Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android devices, allowing users to track time seamlessly on their laptops and mobile phones.

Is Timely available for free?

Yes, Timely offers a free trial. Users can subscribe if they find it to be useful and suitable for their needs.

How can I submit a feature idea for Timely?

You can send your feature idea to [email protected], and they will consider adding it to their development roadmap.

Where can I stay updated with Timely news?

You can follow Timely on Facebook ( and Twitter ( to hear about the latest updates and news.
unable to choose a project I created on desktop
Jacob Santos
UPDATE: The app works great now with no issues.
Rayan AlFakhri
I use it for my personal time tracking very successfully.
Neil Cameron
This has become my defacto time tracking app, i pay for it out of pocket despite my company offering several methods of tracking our time . This app had saved my butt by helping me find backups , allows me t...
Oliver Schaudt
Beautiful and diligent!
Caio Fernandes
App freezes
Maxi Cardozo