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About OnTheClock - Employee Time Clock

Our cloud-based employee time clock system is a convenient way to track employees’ time and have time cards automatically generated at the end of your workweek so they are ready for payroll.

• Trusted by more than 10,000 companies
• No software installation
• Supports Android and iOS
• Every sign up automatically receives a 30-day free trial with
• Free time clock services for 2 or fewer employees

We designed a seamless time clock app to help small businesses with their employee time tracking needs while producing accurate time cards and reducing payroll expenses. Know who is always clocked in/out and from where they punched in/out with live time updates. Our app holds employees accountable for their hours worked and gives the business owner a peace of mind. Sign up and start saving your business time and money.

Time Clock Features:

• PTO tracking
• Employee shift scheduling
• Easy time card editing
• Overtime calculation
• Geo-Fencing & GPS to know where employees are punching in/out
• IP and device restrictions to prevent buddy punching
• Biometric/Fingerprint option for clocking in/out
• Payroll integration
• Automation, paid breaks and reminders
• Automatic break deduction options
• Tips, bonuses and commissions
• Job and Project costing
• Track holiday and vacation time along with sick and personal days
• Group punch option to allow quick punching for employees using a single computer
• Assign job departments for specific employees
• Export data via Excel or PDF
• Weekly, bi-weekly, monthly and semi-monthly pay periods

General time tracking settings and options for employees to clock in and clock out: ⚙️

Employees are able to clock in and out by the use of a smartphone, tablet, desktop and/or laptop. Administrators on the account have the authority to set and limit how they would like their employees to punch in/out and even add assigned GPS locations or IP addresses. Specific restrictions can be set whether the employee is working from the office or remotely.

Customer Support: 🌝

Our Customer Service Team is top-notch and always happy to assist you with your employee time clock needs. You can also schedule a live demo with a Customer Support Representative that will walk you through every step of setting up your account so it fits your company's personal needs.

Phone: 888-753-5999
Email: [email protected]

Security: 🔒

• 256 Bit SSL encryption
• All sensitive information encrypted at database level
• Biometric lock on web and database servers
• Data is automatically backed up nightly

Reliability: 👍

• We have demonstrated 99.999% uptime - less than 5 minutes of downtime per year
• Our service is constantly monitored for issues or failures by a third party monitoring
service -

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

How many companies trust OnTheClock?

OnTheClock is trusted by more than 10,000 companies.

Does OnTheClock require software installation?

No, OnTheClock is a cloud-based employee time clock system, so no software installation is required.

Does OnTheClock support Android and iOS?

Yes, OnTheClock supports Android and iOS.

Is there a free trial available with OnTheClock?

Yes, every sign-up automatically receives a 30-day free trial with

Are there free time clock services available for small businesses?

Yes, OnTheClock offers free time clock services for 2 or fewer employees.

What features does the OnTheClock time clock app offer?

The OnTheClock time clock app offers features such as PTO tracking, employee shift scheduling, easy time card editing, overtime calculation, geo-fencing, GPS tracking, biometric/fingerprint option for clocking in/out, payroll integration, automation, and more.

Can employees clock in/out using different devices?

Yes, employees can clock in/out using smartphones, tablets, desktops, and laptops.

Can administrators set restrictions for employee clock in/out locations?

Yes, administrators have the authority to set and limit how employees can punch in/out, including adding assigned GPS locations or IP addresses.

How can I contact OnTheClock customer support?

You can contact OnTheClock customer support by phone at 888-753-5999 or by email at [email protected].

How does OnTheClock ensure security?

OnTheClock ensures security through measures such as 256 Bit SSL encryption, encryption of sensitive information at the database level, biometric lock on web and database servers, and automatic nightly data backups.

How reliable is OnTheClock?

OnTheClock has demonstrated 99.999% uptime, with less than 5 minutes of downtime per year. The service is constantly monitored for issues or failures by a third-party monitoring service called
Easy to use. Worth the download.
Works Great to track my hours worked.
Ed Hankinson
Great app for managing employees time
Marcie King
Helps me keep my schedule
jane Dresses Thorpe handling lowdermilk brooks
love it
Ernest Roberts
Nice and easy app.
Alberto Orellana