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About Swipetimes › Time tracker · Work log

Simple yet very versatile time tracking app.
Track, organise and analyse your working time in no time at all.
Keep an overview of your project times, overtime, holidays and sick days.
Whether you are an employee, freelancer, craftsman or student, whether you spend your time in the office, on the road or in the home-office, with Swipetimes you will always have an overview of your project hours.
You do not need a login or a special account, you can use the app directly.


• Everything that's necessary for time and attendance recording: target and actual time, time account, overtime, vacation, sick days, public holidays, time sheets, Excel, PDF, JSON or XML exports.

• Automatic starting and stopping on work arrival or departure. By means of location, WLAN or NFC you can record times without having to operate the app.

• Subsequent recording and processing in case you have forgotten something or need to correct it.

• Project and task focus: times are recorded on projects. Projects can have budgets and hourly rates.

• Categorization of time entries using tags/labels.

• Varied statistics

• GPS-based recording of journeys.

• Daily/weekly backups to SD card, Google Drive or DropBox.

• Google Calendar Integration

• Excel, CSV, PDF, JSON or XML exports

All cloud-based features (Google Drive, Google Calendar, Dropbox) are optional. They can be used, but do not have to be.

Have fun!

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What can Swipetimes do?

Swipetimes is a time tracking app that allows you to track, organize, and analyze your working time. It helps you keep an overview of your project times, overtime, holidays, and sick days.

Who can use Swipetimes?

Swipetimes can be used by employees, freelancers, craftsmen, and students. It is suitable for anyone who needs to track their project hours, whether they work in an office, on the road, or in a home-office.

Do I need a login or special account to use Swipetimes?

No, you do not need a login or special account to use Swipetimes. You can use the app directly.

What features does Swipetimes offer for time and attendance recording?

Swipetimes offers features such as target and actual time recording, time account management, overtime tracking, vacation and sick day management, time sheets, and various export options (Excel, PDF, JSON, XML).

How does Swipetimes automatically start and stop recording?

Swipetimes can automatically start and stop recording based on work arrival or departure. It can use location, WLAN, or NFC to record times without needing to operate the app manually.

Can I make changes to my recorded time entries?

Yes, Swipetimes allows you to make subsequent recordings and corrections in case you have forgotten something or need to adjust the recorded times.

Can I categorize my time entries in Swipetimes?

Yes, you can categorize your time entries in Swipetimes using tags or labels. This helps in organizing and analyzing your working time.

What kind of statistics does Swipetimes provide?

Swipetimes offers varied statistics to analyze your working time. These statistics can provide insights into your project hours, budgets, and hourly rates.

Does Swipetimes support GPS-based recording of journeys?

Yes, Swipetimes supports GPS-based recording of journeys. This feature allows you to track and record your travel time.

Can I backup my data in Swipetimes?

Yes, Swipetimes allows you to create daily or weekly backups to SD card, Google Drive, or DropBox. This helps in securing your data.

Does Swipetimes integrate with Google Calendar?

Yes, Swipetimes integrates with Google Calendar. This integration allows you to sync your time entries with your Google Calendar for better scheduling and organization.

What export options are available in Swipetimes?

Swipetimes offers export options such as Excel, CSV, PDF, JSON, and XML. You can export your time data in these formats for further analysis or sharing.

Are cloud-based features in Swipetimes optional?

Yes, cloud-based features like Google Drive, Google Calendar, and Dropbox are optional in Swipetimes. They can be used if desired, but they are not mandatory.
Great app
Matt Adams
Excellent App! Easy to Use!
Sanjay Sawant
Fantastically simple way to track my times across multiple projects and tasks. The free-form automatic tags are great and profiles let me separately group like projects. Many, many thanks for an awesome app!
Westie Boy
The best time tracking app I know!
Great application. 5 stars.
Fariz Alikishibayov
Very clever app with exceptionally responsive and engaged support. Tried all time management apps I could find in the play store and found that only this one covers what I need. As a suggestion - one good th...
Julia Innig