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About Toolten: Time tracker for timesheets & work hours

The companion who saves your time

Toolten is a beautiful time tracker for your personal or professional projects.

It shows the time spent and left on your projects, to improve your time management and help stay focused.
Create tasks, start and stop the clock, get the report. Simple as that!
Do you have to log your work hours in timesheets? Spare yourself Friday night's tedious guesswork with time tracking!

Toolten is FREE up to 5 tasks, try it now!

Our time tracker is advertising-free. Your time is precious, we wouldn't waste it.

Toolten is currently in BETA. We'd love to get your feedback to help us improve! Get in touch at [email protected]


Toolten offers a prime user experience to people who value their time.
We make time tracking fun, simple, esthetic... and yet smart and efficient for demanding users. We love the details that make the difference.

You're a professional juggling many clients and projects? Need to spend less time filling your timesheets? Say no more, we built our time tracker for you.

We created Toolten because the app you use all the time deserves to be extraordinary.


Create tasks and groups of tasks

Regroup related tasks into projects when you have a lot to organize.

Quick access to any tracker

Use favorites, the list of recently used tasks or a quick search to start the timer of your choice.
Even if you have 200 tasks, you'll easily find the right one.

Comments and billability

You can comment each tracked session. Professionals can also state if a work session is billable or not.

Total time per task or project by day, week, month

A clean, accurate report helps with filling timesheets! Time management made easy :)

Statistics and insights

Our charts show how you split your time between your tracked tasks and projects. Discover how much time you spend on breaks, the average duration of your sessions, and more!

If you feel you multi-task too much, you'll finally put figures on it thanks to time tracking.

Real-time backup of your data (Premium)

Your work hours get saved into the cloud as soon as our time tracker gets access to the internet.

Real-time sync between your devices (Premium)

Start tracking a task on a computer, stop it on your phone!

Export your data (coming soon - Premium)

Toolten lets you export your data so you can do more in your favorite third party software (invoicing, financial metrics, etc.).

Manual entries

Forgot to start the timer? Do your time tracking later by adding a work hours log manually.

Works offline


More features are coming soon!

Any questions or ideas? Get in touch, we always reply!
Much love
The Toolten team

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