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About TickTime time tracker, focus timer, diary, day log

TickTime - it's a simple and convenient productivity & time tracker. Time log and statistics will allow you to see how your day is going and find time for important things and become more productive!

TickTime - it's time tracker app for recording time, that you've spent on different things and tasks. With help of this app, you would be able to see clearly on what you spend your time:
+ how much working hours you spend on important tasks, and what tasks you did
+ how much time it takes for you to get to work and back
+ to spot for how long you “just scroll” Instagram
+ or being stuck in YouTube
+ do you want to know how much time takes housework and cleaning
+ and how much time you devote to speak with your relatives
+ do you devote some time for beloved yourself? At least for reading books

Life is priceless, as your time
TickTime would help you to find reserves for important affairs and become more effective!
Here some things, that users like about TickTime:
1. Simple, user-friendly and nice interface.
2. You would need to make minimum efforts to understand how an app is working and start recording your time.
3. It is a great option for personal use on mobile devices.
4. It is convenient to keep the time of the day.

- Start and end of the lesson by pressing only one button
- Set the sound to remind yourself about launched timer. The notification would work even if the app is switched off.
- Focus timer (pomodoro timer)
- Daily, weekly, monthly activity overview on the “Statistics” screen.
- Сountdown would not stop, if the app is not launched or your iPhone is in sleep mode.
- Different icons for each kind of activity.
TickTime charts and statistics clearly show how your day, week, month is going. Analyze results and optimize your time!
Timers, that you set on each task and notifications would help you to be on your toes, don’t prolong time. Also, thanks to set reminders, you would not forget, that you need to switch on another task.


TickTime – is a new app, that’s why we need your support. If you would like to change or add something, write us – we are open for suggestions and we want to be useful as much as possible for you.
* In the near future we would add functions, that you’ve asked for
And now, what are you waiting for? Click “download” and organize your day with help of TickTime!

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is TickTime?

TickTime is a productivity and time tracking app that allows you to log your time and see statistics on how your day is going, helping you become more productive.

What can TickTime track?

TickTime can track the time you spend on different tasks, including important tasks, commuting, browsing social media, housework, speaking with relatives, and personal activities like reading books.

What are some features of TickTime?

Some features of TickTime include a simple and user-friendly interface, easy time recording, compatibility with mobile devices, convenient timekeeping throughout the day, start and end of lessons with one button press, sound reminders, a focus timer, and daily, weekly, and monthly activity overviews.

How can TickTime help me optimize my time?

TickTime provides charts and statistics that clearly show how your day, week, and month are going, allowing you to analyze results and optimize your time. Timers and notifications can also help you stay on track and switch tasks when needed.

Can I provide feedback or suggest improvements for TickTime?

Yes, your opinion is important to us! TickTime is a new app and we welcome your feedback and suggestions. We are open to making changes and adding functions based on the needs and requests of our users.
Nice app, can you add widgets for screen?
Arseniy Dobaev
رائع التطبيق و مفيد بس لو بكثروا من الخانات
anoud abdusalam
Amazing app, helps you realise how much time you spend on certain things and better plan your day. Love, love love
Juliya Rezanovich
Спасибо за классное приложение. Пользуюсь с удовольствием. Хорошо выглядит, функционально для своей задачи. Мои рекомендации: не хватает удобного редактирования времени, не хватает виджета для быстрого перек...
Павел Росихин