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About Flipd — Stay Focused, Remove Distractions

"If you’re easily distracted, Flipd is about to become your BFF." - TechCrunch
"If you need to unplug, Flipd is the app for you." -
"Flipd lets you hide certain apps, allot time off your phone based on your schedule, and track your progress over time." - Washington Post

Does your phone distract you from staying focused? Do you find it difficult to pay attention because of your phone or social media? Flipd is the simplest and most effective distraction blocker that prevents you from getting off task so that you can focus on what matters. Backed by research, Flipd is proven to help you stay focused, improve your attention, and increase productivity. Stay connected and remove distractions with Flipd.

• Challenge yourself to unplug while you work
• Flipd will remind you to stay on task
• Motivate yourself by tracking the time you've saved
• Schedule reminders for whenever you need to Flip Off
• Use the Full Lock to stay out of distracting apps and games
• Join groups in the Flipd Community to challenge your friends

FLIPD FOR CLASS : Unplug and engage
• Boost your focus and engagement during class
• Receive automatic notifications to Flip Off for the lesson
• Measure and keep track of your progress over time
• Join multiple classes at no additional cost
• Use Flipd at home to maximize your productivity

GO PREMIUM: Invest in your time well spent
✓ Flip Off for more than 30 minutes at a time
✓ Track statistics across a beautiful 30-day histogram
✓ Create unlimited schedules that suit your lifestyle
✓ Join Flipd groups and communities
✓ Free upgrade available for trial (just ask!)

Remove distractions with Flipd and get focused!

Contact the team directly at [email protected]

Im in love with this app. It helps me to study. Its a great relief from mobile phone addiction
Anas Nazir
Thank you you are the life saver.
Aman Raghav
The best app for me ,it is the first time to give 5 star
Gomaa Ragab