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About Donut Dog: Feed your focus. Starve distractions!

Deleting social networking, news or chat apps does not have to be the solution for you to keep you focused on your work. When you need to get a task done, open the Donut Dog App, select how long you want to focus and start being productive. The donut machine generates donuts as long as you keep on focusing. If you change or close the app the machine will stop and the session will end.

What is so special about this time tracking app?

In a nutshell: Donut Dog is heavily gamified, motivating and competitive. You could even call it a life hack because it helps you to develop health habits. Donut Dog is a great tool to fight your phone addiction and to improve your attention span so you can become more productive.


• The design is super cute and packed with a ton of details so you won't get bored!

• Donut Dog motivates you to focus again the day after you were productive so you can develop a regular work schedule.

• Detailed statistics keep you informed how you performed the last week and months. You can even tag your sessions to see what you did!

• Donut Dog is a productivity tool that feels like a game! There are plenty of achievements like quests and special donuts you can earn. You can even customize the app, unlock new Donuts or upgrade the donut machine. Level up and compete with friends!


• working in your office and you need to focus

• studying for school / university at home or in your library / dorm room

• meditating to give your head some space

• paying attention to a class or meeting

• going to bed to develop healthy habits of sleep


Install Donut Dog for free and use its basic functionalities as long as you want. Subscribe at any time to Donut Dog Pro using the in-app purchase. Donut Dog Pro is available as a monthly subscription or as a one-time purchase. Payment will be charged to your Google Account at confirmation of purchase. Donut Dog will automatically charge your Google Account at the end of your subscription unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of your current period. We can’t refund unused portions of the subscription. In-app purchases and subscriptions cannot be shared.

Terms of use:

Privacy policy:


Questions or feedback? Or do you just want to talk?

• Twitter:

• Support:

• E-Mail: [email protected]

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is the purpose of the Donut Dog app?

The purpose of the Donut Dog app is to help you stay focused on your work and tasks.

How does the Donut Dog app work?

The Donut Dog app works by allowing you to select a time duration to focus, and as long as you stay focused, the donut machine generates donuts. If you change or close the app, the session will end.

What makes the Donut Dog app special?

The Donut Dog app is heavily gamified, motivating, and competitive. It helps you develop healthy habits, fight phone addiction, and improve your attention span.

What are the features of the Donut Dog app?

Some of the features of the Donut Dog app include a cute and detailed design, motivation to develop a regular work schedule, detailed statistics, the ability to tag sessions, achievements and quests, app customization, and the ability to compete with friends.

When can I use the Donut Dog app?

You can use the Donut Dog app when working in your office, studying, meditating, paying attention to a class or meeting, or when going to bed to develop healthy sleep habits.

What is Donut Dog Pro?

Donut Dog Pro is a paid version of the app that offers additional functionalities. It can be purchased through a monthly subscription or a one-time purchase.

How can I get in touch with the Donut Dog support team?

You can connect with the Donut Dog team through Twitter, their support website, or by sending an email to [email protected].
This app is just so great. I used it today and cant believe I completed a lot of my assignments. I love the design too! I wish there is also a pause button. And please add more features. Thank you ^^ Edit: w...
M Ramarao
Nice app! I hope they keep up the good work and add also new features in the future :)
Jo Jo
I am more productive than before.
Lauryn Maleka
I feed focus daily and it is so cute and it makes me much more productive than before.
So amazing, I kept doing work because I didn't wanna starve the pup lol. 10/10 would recommend!
Pheladi Nkopodi
the only thing I'd complain about is the ugly ass "dog", looks like an abomination tbh
Alissa Fidelina Sutedja