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About Ecosia - Trees & Privacy

• “The search for a greener internet is taking root.” - CNN
• “Like all the best ideas, simple and good.” - The Guardian
• “Ecosia is the rarest of things - a search engine with a conscience.” - Vice
• “A simple way to do some good.” - Vogue

Ecosia Browser is based on Chromium and is as fast and secure. It gives you an intuitive browsing experience with everything you need:
• Tabs
• Private mode
• History
• Bookmarks
• Downloads

Planet over Profit
Our goal is to build a greener and better world for everyone, not to maximize returns for shareholders. That’s why we’ve made a legally binding commitment to ensure that no profits can ever be taken out of the company. As part of our vision to end deforestation, we want to plant one billion new trees by 2020.

Why Trees?
More than 25% of the world’s population rely on forest resources for their livelihoods. By planting trees you can fight climate change, restore landscapes, protect wildlife and help people by providing nutrition, employment and education. In the long term this leads to healthier, happier and more economically stable communities.

CO2 Positive
We are more than just CO2 neutral. Ecosia owns and operates its own solar plant to power your searches with 100% renewable energy. In fact, thanks to the amazing trees we plant, each search actually removes around 1 kg of CO2 from the atmosphere.

Forests need protecting and so does your privacy. We do both:
• We don’t save your searches
• We don’t track the websites you visits
• We don’t sell your data to advertisers
• Your searches are always SSL-encrypted

We know that trust has to be earned. That’s why we publish all our monthly financial reports and tree-planting receipts on our website.

Learn More
Find out more about our tree-planting projects, team, and mission on our website:

Follow us on our Journey to 1 Billion Trees:
The Ecosia Blog:

Download the Ecosia browser and plant trees for free, just by searching the web.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Ecosia?

Ecosia is a search engine that aims to build a greener and better world by planting trees and protecting the environment.

What features does Ecosia Browser have?

Ecosia Browser has features such as tabs, private mode, history, bookmarks, and downloads, providing a fast and secure browsing experience.

Why does Ecosia focus on planting trees?

Ecosia focuses on planting trees because it helps fight climate change, restore landscapes, protect wildlife, and provide livelihoods and education for communities.

How does Ecosia contribute to fighting climate change?

Ecosia is more than just CO2 neutral. It owns a solar plant to power searches with renewable energy and each search removes around 1 kg of CO2 from the atmosphere.

How does Ecosia protect privacy?

Ecosia protects privacy by not saving searches, not tracking visited websites, not selling user data to advertisers, and ensuring that searches are always SSL-encrypted.

How transparent is Ecosia?

Ecosia is transparent and publishes monthly financial reports and tree-planting receipts on its website, earning trust from users.

Where can I learn more about Ecosia's projects and mission?

You can learn more about Ecosia's tree-planting projects, team, and mission on their website:

How can I stay updated with Ecosia's journey to plant one billion trees?

You can stay updated by following Ecosia on their blog, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube channels.

How can I contribute to planting trees with Ecosia?

You can contribute to planting trees for free by downloading the Ecosia browser and searching the web using it.
Brilliant app the search works really really well just a good as google and chrome. It's not a bind or Yahoo it's a really good search engine and does good! Amazing app tell all my friends about it.
D.J & A Le Carpentier
I give five star... Everything is perfect.
Kwiji Videos
honestly it's exactly like Google but it plants trees when you search things. it's really easy to use and I've gotten a few of my friends to start using it as well
Layne Bottom
This is amazing. The work they do is spectacular 😍. We need to have more people using this. WE CAN SAVE THIS PLANET ONE TREE AT A TIME!!!!!
Someone has to save the world while everyone else destroys it.
Adrien Webb
Need to improve a lot in search results and make available of dark theme. But deserve 5 star bocz ur planting trees.😊