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About uVPN - free and unlimited VPN for Android

Stay anonymous, secured and unrestricted! Unblock any website with unlimited VPN service!
uVPN is the fastest, limitless and the most secure Proxy utility across the Play Store

uVPN is Unlimited VPN designed on the edge of cyber security technologies as an evolution of restrictions bypass extension for the most popular websites. The most trusted, reliable and protected Proxy extension CIS countries is now available worldwide! With unlimited VPN you can unblock, bypass government constraints and access any website anonymously, FREE and with ZERO connection restrictions

uVPN gives you a one week premium subscription trial out of the box. After expiration, uVPN stays totally FREE, w/o premium servers available. You can add premium servers to your free coverage anytime with a few clicks!

uVPN runs a huge server network across the world and empowers unlimited VPN users with premium security against hackers/data-snoopers/unauthorized surveillance/DDoS attacks

⭐uVPN - Unlimited Free VPN Proxy - Fastest VPN on android, VPN Free Service, Free VPN Unlimited. This is Everything You need for a 100% Free VPN App
uVPN is an unlimited, fast and secure Internet privacy and security VPN app for Android. Whether you are looking for security VPN on public WiFi u or fast VPN for your Netflix show, you can get it all with uVPN

⭐uVPN, Yes It’s FREE to run!
Access to unlimited VPN proxy service for FREE. If you are like me that want to save big VPN bucks, let the Ads sponsor your fast VPN and free VPN proxy service. Of course you can easily remove all Ads and enjoy super VPN servers by subscribing to the premium VPN plan. You can save more by choosing annual VPN subscription. Want more flexibility? No problem, just pick the monthly VPN subscription and you are good to go

⭐uVPN, Oh Yes It’s Fast VPN!
You can connect to fastest VPN proxy servers from around the world. More VPN proxy servers are added to VPN list constantly. Experiencing not ideal VPN connection speed? Don’t worry, simply choose another VPN proxy server will normally solve your problem. uVPN is one of the fastest VPN proxy service providers on Play Store

⭐*uVPN, Yes It’s Secure VPN!*
Free VPN proxy secures your sensitive data with cutting-edge VPN encryption technology, which hides your IP address so no malicious hacker can track your Internet activity!
With Free VPN proxy, your IP address is hidden and all your online traffic is securely encrypted

⭐uVPN, Yes It’s VPN For WiFi u & Mobile!
Stepped outside of your office or home network? Fearing that you have already been exposed to unsecure network? Turn on Free VPN proxy to bring yourself back to the secured realm. Public WiFi u and Mobile networks can no longer be a compromised ground

⭐uVPN, Yes It’s VPN For Streaming!
Can’t Enjoy your favorite show online? With Free VPN proxy service, you can easily unblock those geo-restricted websites and gain access to your highly anticipated TV shows. Our high speed Free VPN proxy service is the VPN tool for you to embrace free Internet with no geo-segregation

⭐uVPN, A VPN that's Constantly Improving!
We are constantly sourcing fast and stable VPN proxy servers for our users. Also, we review and improve our Free VPN proxy App everyday to bring you even better VPN experiences. We understood that no VPN solution is perfect and there are still VPN users being blocked by internet censorship. We are committed to keep on optimizing our free VPN proxy service to make your next VPN browsing even faster and safer

⭐uVPN, A VPN with friendly customer support
Free VPN proxy works with most Android systems. We appreciate that there are new Android phones/tablets launched every day, there will be cases where specific device is not perfectly compatible with our VPN App

Download uVPN – Your Unlimited, Fast and Free VPN Proxy on Android!

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is uVPN?

uVPN is a free and unlimited VPN service for Android that allows users to stay anonymous, secured, and unrestricted while unblocking any website.

How does uVPN work?

uVPN works by encrypting your internet connection and routing it through its VPN servers, allowing you to browse the internet securely and anonymously.

Is uVPN completely free?

uVPN offers a one-week premium subscription trial, after which it remains free with the option to add premium servers for additional features.

How fast is uVPN?

uVPN boasts being one of the fastest VPN services available, with a network of servers located across the world to provide premium security and prevent speed issues.

Is uVPN secure?

uVPN ensures the security of your sensitive data through cutting-edge encryption technology, hiding your IP address and preventing malicious hackers from tracking your internet activity.

Can uVPN unblock geo-restricted websites?

Yes, uVPN allows you to easily unblock geo-restricted websites, providing access to your favorite shows and content that may be restricted in your region.

Does uVPN work on public WiFi and mobile networks?

uVPN is designed to work on public WiFi and mobile networks, ensuring that your connection remains secure and protected even outside of your home or office network.

Does uVPN have customer support?

Yes, uVPN offers friendly customer support for any issues or compatibility problems that users may encounter with the VPN app.
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