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About HabitYou - Unlimited Free Habit Tracker & Journal

HabitYou is your journey to self care and happiness.

HabitYou is a beautiful, simple and free Habit Tracker app. You can add unlimited habits for free, set reminders, mark habits, track streaks, earn medals. It also acts as your bullet daily journal and day planner. The Night mode theme makes this minimalist habit tracker app even more beautiful.

HabitYou helps you to
* Learn Good Habits: Start healthy habits of success, self improvement, and productivity
* Break Bad Habits: Quit bad habits which affects your mental health, mindfulness, and self-esteem

Self-improve around six Life Goal setter :-
* Health and Fitness: Habits of health to improve your physical health and body fitness. Quit smoking tracker, Quit alcohol tracker, Weight Loss tracker, Exercise tracker, Squats challenge, 5 minutes workout, Drink water reminder
* Mindfulness and Care: Calm habits to help you in mindfulness, self care and helping others. Yoga tracker, 5 minute Meditation, Better Sleep tracker, Listen to calm music, Think positive affirmations, Write gratitude journal
* Hobbies and Interests: Life skill habits to track hobbies and learn new interests. Learn language, Play games, Solve Puzzle, Read books, Listen to podcasts, Spend less time online
* Social and Relationships: Learn social skill habits to be a better person and make new friends. Spend time with partner, Help children with homework, Read bedtime stories to children, Meet someone new, Invite friends to home
* Chores and Home: Be more productive at home by tracking daily chores.Clean the house, Create monthly budget plan, Create Grocery shopping list, Feed your pets, Do the dishes, Take care of your skin
* Career and Education: Build habits for success in career and education by staying organized at work. Learn new work skill, Work goal setting for the day, Create study plan, Don't be late to work, track projects tasks

Set Schedule and unlimited reminders
* Fixed Weekdays Habit tracker: Planned for specific days of the week. eg: Sleep early, Eat healthy breakfast
* Flexible Days Habit tracker: Plan for flexible days in a week or month. eg: Go on 3 dates in a month, Reminder to Pay credit card bill every month

HabitYou provides these Productivity tools for healthy habit tracking and life goal planner
* Journal notes: Add images and notes to your everyday habit tracker, and create a beautiful bullet daily journal.
* Daily life planner: Plan your day by tracking all your habits in a weekly planner and life goal tracker
* Daily value and time spent: Track daily value for everyday healthy habits and see a graph. eg: glasses of water, time spent in meditation.
* Set unlimited reminders

Get productivity insights for healthy habits and life goal tracker
* Streaks: Current streak, longest streak for your habits.
* Earn Medals for meeting habit goals: Earn Medals for 3 days streak, 7 days streak, 30 days streak and 100 days streak
* Visual Habit Graphs: Visualise your progress in the Monthly, Yearly graph for tracking productivity and goal setting
* Life Goal Dashboard: Unified view of all healthy habits and life goal planner
* Habit Monthly spread in calendar view and daily journal

HabitYou will help you to be happy, stay calm, strengthen relationships, boost self-esteem, life goal setting, get career success. It helps to overcome stress, anxiety, depression, negativity, fear.

Free tier of Habit Tracker and Goal setting app allows users to create unlimited habits and journal notes for free. Users can join HabitYou Club by paying monthly or yearly subscription.

HabitYou club members enjoy additional benefits of:-
1. View older journal notes
2. Unlock all the graphs
3. Backup data to Google drive
4. First access to upcoming features like: Group habit tracker, Day planner with todo etc,

Privacy policy:
Terms & Conditions:

Mail us on [email protected]

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is HabitYou?

HabitYou is a free Habit Tracker app that helps you track and maintain good habits, break bad habits, and improve your overall well-being. It also acts as a daily journal and day planner.

What features does HabitYou offer?

HabitYou offers features such as unlimited habit tracking, reminders, streak tracking, earning medals, and a night mode theme. It also provides tools like journal notes, a daily life planner, productivity insights, habit graphs, and a life goal dashboard.

What life goals can I set with HabitYou?

HabitYou allows you to set life goals in six categories: Health and Fitness, Mindfulness and Care, Hobbies and Interests, Social and Relationships, Chores and Home, and Career and Education. You can track habits related to these goals and work towards achieving them.

Can I set different schedules for my habits?

Yes, HabitYou allows you to set fixed weekdays schedules for specific habits, as well as flexible days schedules for habits that can be done on different days of the week or month.

What additional benefits do HabitYou club members enjoy?

HabitYou club members get access to older journal notes, unlock all the graphs, backup their data to Google Drive, and have first access to upcoming features like group habit tracking and a day planner with todo functionality.

How can I contact HabitYou?

You can email HabitYou at [email protected] for any inquiries or concerns.

Is HabitYou available for free?

Yes, HabitYou offers a free tier that allows users to create unlimited habits and journal notes without any cost. Users can also opt for a monthly or yearly subscription to join the HabitYou Club for additional benefits.
Great habit tracker. Unlimited habits. You can add details and pics. Love ❤️
Ra Z
Man it is amazing,keeps you on track and it convinced me to complete my habits and svoid my bad habits very cool and awesome would recommend😘😘😘😘😘😊😊😊😊
E.K Richoftech
LOVE it so far. I've used a lot of "habit tracker" or "morning routine" apps in the past and this is my favorite. Free to use, simple but colorful design, super easy to add, edit, or rearrange habits.
Sarah Burfoot
It's awesome 🥰🤩🤩🤩🤩
Эрхан Туймаада
Good one, use it
Tanmaya Manishree
Iin a few word this app is the best there is.
Marcos Casanova