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About Way of Life - The Habit Tracker

Invest less than a minute daily to track, identify, and change your habits with Way of Life.

Changing habits is hard work. Having the right tool is half the battle. Way of Life is that tool - a beautiful, intuitive habit tracker that motivates you to build a better, stronger, and healthier you!

As you collect more and more information, you will be able to spot positive and negative trends in your lifestyle easily:

• Am I exercising as much as I thought?
• Eating less and less fast food?
• Getting the fruits and vegetables I need?
• Sleeping well?
• Avoiding too much sugar?

Or whatever is essential to you. There are no restrictions on what Way of Life can help you with when it comes to changing habits.

• Powerful reminders with flexible scheduling and custom messages.
• Charts - bar graphs with trend lines
• Note-taking - quickly jot down a note
• Unlimited items (*)
• Backup to any Cloud storage provider that supports Android (*)
• Archive completed goals
• Updating takes less than a minute a day

'Way of Life is the ultimate habit building app.' -- App Advice
Voted 'Best Motivation App of 2019' -- Healthline
Featured on the Tim Ferris podcast with Kevin Rose

Way of Life is recommended by Forbes, The New York Times, Marie Claire, HealthLine, The Guardian, Tech Cocktail, Business Insider, FastCompany, Entrepreneur, and Lifehacker.

*) requires premium

It's great, but it's got some bugs that make the trend reporting function inaccurate. EDIT:Bugs have been fixed, my favorite habit app!
Greg Mueller
I like this app, looks I would like it add to my everyday app list. At the time I cannot pay for premium, when it will be possible? Thanks for good app.
Vendula Kreuzová
Rani Das