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About Idealis CBT Journaling Prompts

Idealis is a simple self care tracker that allows you to improve your mental and physical wellbeing and take care of yourself.

Everything you need in a single app

Track your mood, symptoms, set medication reminders and more. Acquire new habits and complete healthy tasks. Just a few minutes a day to track your progress and find out what's really affecting your well-being.

You'll have more control over your health, more tools for personal growth, statistics and insights for your well-being. Keep track of everything you need with Idealis.

How Idealis works

- Each day, in just a few clicks, note your mood, your emotions, your productivity, how much sleep you've had, your motivation and any symptoms;
- Reflect by answering specific questions and receive motivational quotes;
- Acquire healthy habits with simple daily tasks;
- Track your progress and find out what influences your health and mood.

Discover the secrets of your health

Keep track of your well-being in just a few clicks every day and we'll help you understand which activities are positively or negatively affecting your physical and psychological health.

You can view your data in graphs, charts and calendars, but, at the same time, you will not necessarily have to: our algorithm analyzes the data independently to report changes and new trends.

Be motivated

In Idealis we use an incentive system so that everyone can enjoy control of their health. Complete the tasks to grow the Forest of Health. The tree grows every day, and it will depend on you how big and beautiful it will grow.

An app to improve your life from all points of view

Want to increase your productivity, get sick less or lose weight? You'll find ready-made tasks you can do in minutes every day to achieve your goals.

Idealis is definitely the right app for you if:

+ you want to find out what makes you feel better or worse.
+ you want to acquire healthy habits.
+ you want to increase awareness and motivation for personal growth.
+ you want to monitor your symptoms and show the data to your doctor.
+ you don't want to forget to take your pills.

Improve your self-awareness and achieve your inner peace

Keep a daily journal of your emotions and state of mind with prepared questions for reflection and introspection. Get helpful quotes for motivation and your personal growth.

In the morning, wake-up breathing exercises to prepare for the workday. In the evening, relaxing breathing exercises to help you sleep better.

Only use the tools you need

- A journal of emotions, moods, and psychological health with tips for introspection.
- Habit acquisition with helpful recommendations and ready-made tasks.
- Symptom recording and analysis of influencing factors.
- Convenient statistics and automatic data analysis for templates.
- Customizable reminders for medications and tasks.

Personal data processing and privacy

The data you submit into the app is stored on your phone and is only available to you.
Privacy policy:
License agreement:

Contact us

We are listening carefully to the community to improve Idealis and make it more practical and accessible for everyone.

If you have any questions, feedback or suggestions, please send them to [email protected]
Reviews are always welcome.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Idealis?

Idealis is a self-care tracker app that helps improve mental and physical wellbeing.

What can I track with Idealis?

With Idealis, you can track your mood, symptoms, set medication reminders, and more.

How does Idealis work?

Idealis allows you to note your mood, emotions, productivity, sleep, and symptoms each day. You can also reflect on specific questions, acquire healthy habits, and track your progress.

How can Idealis help me understand my health?

Idealis helps you keep track of your well-being and understand which activities are influencing your physical and psychological health.

How can I stay motivated with Idealis?

Idealis uses an incentive system where completing tasks helps you grow a virtual "Forest of Health," providing motivation for personal growth.

What goals can I achieve with Idealis?

Idealis offers ready-made tasks to help you increase productivity, improve your health, and achieve personal goals.

Can I monitor my symptoms with Idealis?

Yes, Idealis allows you to track and record your symptoms, which can be helpful when discussing them with your doctor.

Can Idealis remind me to take my medications?

Yes, Idealis has customizable reminders for medications and tasks.

Can Idealis help me improve self-awareness and inner peace?

Yes, Idealis offers a journal of emotions and state of mind with reflection questions, as well as motivational quotes for personal growth.

Is my personal data safe with Idealis?

Yes, the data you submit in Idealis is stored on your phone and is only accessible to you.