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About Proddy: Your self-improvement companion

Small steps lead to big results. That's what we want to show you with Proddy. Rome wasn't built in one day and neither is a healthy, fulfilling life. Five minutes a day go a long way. By taking it slow and focusing on doing tiny habits every day and reflecting on them, you can achieve your goals more sustainably. Consistency trumps intensity. Feel like bullet journaling and mood tracking too? Proddy has your back.

Starting to build good habits is hard. Sticking to these routines can be a real challenge, especially without a good habit tracker.
Proddy makes it easy, meaningful and fun!
Gamify your progress by creating streaks and climbing in levels. Why pursue self-care habits if they don't make you happy?
Say goodbye to exhausting habits, anxious procrastination and unreachable goals!

Self-reflection goes hand in hand with self-care.
That's why you can track your habits and feelings side by side. See how both of them influence each other and strike a good balance. Gain insights on how your self-improvement journey influences your daily mood.

Everybody struggles with procrastination.
We want to change that! No more buzzing notifications and dopamine inducing sounds, with Proddy's focus mode. Just pick a time and flip your phone face down. It's really that easy! Bye, bye procrastination.

Now you can combine all aspects of your self-improvement journey. Proddy is your ultimate habit tracker:
Create powerful routines, track the relationship between your mood, your habits and your productivity. Based on psychological and neuroscientific principles of the habit and daily routine building process. No matter in what stage of your betterment journey you are, Proddy is at your side.

Never lose motivation by gamifying your success in completing every habit once a day.
Climb through the ranks and learn more about how habits work.

When it’s time to get started on your habit, use a Focus Timer to beat procrastination and break down a daunting routine into easy steps. Proper preparation prevents poor performance.

With our detailed statistics you will see the interesting patterns between your habits and your mood emerge.


- Simple and beautiful habit completion process
- Reflect on your thoughts throughout the day
- Keep track of your mood and journal
- Climb through levels and learn more about how to build strong habits
- Create a reason for each habit, so you always know why you started
- Gain insights over what areas of your life you are improving
- Keep track of your personal happiness
- Visualize your long-term progress
- Clean and minimalistic interface
- Break down your habits into multi-step systems
- Use a Focus Timer to stick to your tasks and daily routines
- Build motivating streaks for each habit
- Look at your mood analytics over a long time to spot trends

Thanks for supporting an indie developer building apps! You can always send an email to the address below for any suggestions or feedback for the app.

Email support at [email protected]

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

How can Proddy help with self-improvement?

Proddy can help with self-improvement by encouraging small steps and focusing on tiny habits every day. It provides a habit tracker, allows you to gamify your progress, and offers tools for self-reflection and mood tracking.

Why is it hard to build good habits?

Building good habits can be hard because it requires consistency and sticking to routines. Without a good habit tracker, it can be challenging to stay on track and maintain motivation.

How does Proddy make building habits easier?

Proddy makes building habits easier by providing a simple and beautiful habit completion process. It allows you to create streaks and climb levels, gamifying your progress. It also offers a focus mode to help combat procrastination.

How does Proddy facilitate self-reflection?

Proddy allows you to track your habits and feelings side by side, helping you understand how they influence each other. This self-reflection can help you strike a good balance and gain insights into your self-improvement journey and daily mood.

What is the focus mode in Proddy?

The focus mode in Proddy allows you to eliminate distractions by flipping your phone face down. This helps to combat procrastination and increase focus on your tasks.

How can Proddy help with motivation?

Proddy helps with motivation by gamifying your success in completing habits once a day. It allows you to climb through ranks and learn more about how habits work, keeping you motivated and engaged.

What features does Proddy offer?

Proddy offers a range of features, including a simple habit completion process, mood tracking and journaling, gamification through levels and streaks, habit reasoning, insights into areas of improvement, happiness tracking, long-term progress visualization, a clean interface, multi-step habit breakdown, a Focus Timer, and mood analytics.

How can I contact support for Proddy?

You can contact Proddy's support team by sending an email to [email protected].

Where can I find the Terms and Conditions for Proddy?

The Terms and Conditions for Proddy can be found at the following link:

What is Proddy's Privacy Policy?

Proddy's Privacy Policy can be found at the following link:
Really awesome user experience and very useful app! I don't know if I missed that but a dark mode would be very awesome as well as a Widget.
Erik Kiessig
asfin funik
Kashif Zubair Shaikh
Awesome app
Amanda Hotchkiss
Great app, one of the best interface among all the habit app. The only problem that is i hoped one day i can access the premium version through one time purchase rather than subscription. Keep up the good work!
It's amazing app.just streak is don't work for on set days .and your streak is destored. Its just works when there are days in a row
Bahareh Sabeti