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About Hubstaff time clock app

Keep track of hours wherever work happens. Hubstaff’s seamless time tracking app for Android automatically clocks you in and out of geofenced job sites based on GPS location.

Paper timesheets, incorrect employee time cards, and complicated processes are a thing of the past. With Hubstaff’s time clock app, you can start tracking valuable work time with one button, from anywhere.

Over 10,000 companies trust Hubstaff to cut down on admin work, boost efficiency, accurately pay team members, easily invoice clients, and save money.

Download the app now to save money, save time, and manage your business better.


• Hubstaff is a G2 Industry Leader - Winter 2020
• One of America’s fastest growing companies - Inc. 5000 2018 and 2019

Here’s how it works 💡

Open the app, choose the project or job you’re working on, and tap Start. Hubstaff runs in the background while you work, recording time and location. When you finish working or want to take a break, press Stop. That’s all it takes.

The app’s simplicity is only one time-saving benefit. Here’s everything Hubstaff’s job time tracker does to make your work life easier.

Smarter tracking with geofences 🗺

• Employees clock in and out automatically, based on geofenced job sites you create
• Never forget to start the timer again
• Either start and stop automatically or send reminders based on location
• Put an end to buddy punching

GPS location tracking 🚚

• Track time spent driving and view routes taken
• Know where your team is in real-time, and how long they spend at a job site
• Provide proof of work to clients and know that jobs are getting done

Detailed reporting to improve operations 📎

• Real-time mobile reports let you view hours spent on jobs or projects, with accurate timesheets for every team member
• Visual dashboard in the web app can be customized with what you want to see
• You're in total control of your operations

Save time and money 💰

• Time tracking is accurate down to the second
• Avoid going over budget by setting limits and getting alerts as you reach them
• Take the hassle out of payroll by setting your rates (hourly or fixed), pay period, and method of payment — Hubstaff handles the rest

Who uses the Hubstaff time card app?

• Built for remote, on-the-go, and field teams
• Works as a construction time clock
• Time card app for landscaping crews
• Useful for cleaning crews, sales teams, home health care, and many more

**Before you get started.** A Hubstaff account is required before logging into the app. This application tracks your location in the background, and the continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

Made for mobile 📱

• App is optimized to use minimal battery power when tracking time
• Access it from anywhere via the website or mobile apps — from wherever, and whenever, you want
• Hubstaff app runs in the background so you can do other things without any interruption
• Your company's data is synced between devices, no backing up necessary
• The latest security measures are built-in to protect your data

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Easy to use and very helpful
Genie Goldstein Kizner
Very comfortable to use.
Danny Brayan Balisi
Easy to use. Accurate.
Michelle Negrete
Great app
Virendra Jaiswar
It is well designed and very easy interface
Khusrav Tojiddinov
Too detailed and nice time tracking.
Gagandeep Bali