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About Chores 4 Rewards: Household Chores App For Kids

Chores 4 Rewards is a modern version of the traditional paper chore chart/ privilege points chore tracker or behavior chart. This parenting app is designed to work as a motivator to give kids routine and encourage them to complete household chores.

Compared to a paper chore chart/ behavior chart, Chores 4 Rewards makes it easy for your kids to view and complete their assigned household chores, buy rewards and review their behaviors.

If you’re looking for a mom planner organizer/ chores app for adults to create chores for kids, Chores 4 Rewards is here to help!

You can easily create chores, specify the recurrence of the chore and assign it to your kids. You can also create rewards and specify the amount of coins required to purchase that reward.

Your kids will be keen to do some work!

You can download and use the Chores 4 Rewards parenting app for free but you will have to take a subscription to access the premium features.

Main features of Chores 4 Rewards:
✔️ Add your children
Take or pick a photo to use as their profile photo. Alternatively, pick from the list of children/monster avatars to use instead.
✔️ Add and assign chores to your children
Specify the recurrence of the chore and set the maximum amount of coins available for completing the chore.
✔️ Add shop rewards
Set the price and the maximum daily buying limit of the reward.
✔️ Link devices
Children can access their account using the parent device or using their own compatible device. Parents can access the same account by simply signing in with the same account details.
✔️ Push notifications
To keep you updated of purchased rewards and completed chores.

Children can access child mode using the parent’s device or by linking their own compatible device. Child mode is where children can mark chores as completed and buy rewards from the shop.

Parent mode is where you approve children’s completed chores and mark purchased rewards as received. Prior to approving a chore, you can reduce the amount of coins to award and add feedback to the chore. Children can read the feedback after the chore has been approved.

Chores 4 Rewards premium features:
✔️ Behaviors & points system
With the behaviors & points system you can create behaviors and specify how many happy/sad points each behavior is worth. Behaviors can be sent to children whilst in parent mode, which will then add the total amount of points to their account.
✔️ Spin the Wheel
Add 6 prizes to the wheel. Children can spend their happy points on Spin the Wheel. Any prizes won, will be added automatically to the 'Rewards' section. Sad points restrict the child’s ability to use the wheel and to enter the shop. The restrictions are removed once the parent has removed the bad behavior/sad points from the child’s account.
✔️ Special rewards
Send your children a special one-off reward in the form of ‘scratch to reveal’. Enter the reward name, pick a photo or icon and optionally enter the reason for the reward. The next time your child enters child mode, a surprise reward will be waiting for them!
✔️ Text to speech
Children can tap certain elements within child mode to have them read aloud. For example, children can tap on a chore to have the name of the chore read aloud (Google text-to-speech must be installed on device).
✔️ Detailed statistics
View weekly, monthly & yearly data displaying how many chores your children have completed and how many rewards they have purchased. See your children’s progress within a specified time range.

Download Chores 4 Rewards today and organize your household chores like a pro!

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Chores 4 Rewards?

Chores 4 Rewards is a modern app designed to motivate kids to complete household chores and track their behaviors.

How does Chores 4 Rewards work?

Chores 4 Rewards allows parents to create chores, assign them to their kids, and set rewards for completing the chores. Kids can view and complete their assigned chores, buy rewards, and track their behaviors.

What are the main features of Chores 4 Rewards?

The main features of Chores 4 Rewards include adding and assigning chores to children, adding shop rewards, linking devices, receiving push notifications, and accessing child mode and parent mode.

How can I use Chores 4 Rewards?

You can download and use Chores 4 Rewards for free, but to access premium features, a subscription is required.

Can children access Chores 4 Rewards on their own devices?

Yes, children can access their account using their own compatible device or the parent's device.

What is child mode in Chores 4 Rewards?

Child mode allows children to mark chores as completed and buy rewards from the shop.

What is parent mode in Chores 4 Rewards?

Parent mode allows parents to approve completed chores, mark purchased rewards as received, award coins, and provide feedback to the chores.

What are the premium features of Chores 4 Rewards?

The premium features include the behaviors and points system, spin the wheel for prizes, special one-off rewards, text-to-speech functionality, and detailed statistics.

How can I track my children's progress with Chores 4 Rewards?

Chores 4 Rewards offers detailed statistics that allow you to view the weekly, monthly, and yearly data of completed chores and purchased rewards.

How can I download Chores 4 Rewards?

You can download Chores 4 Rewards from the app store or play store.
Really enjoyed using this, my children like to follow and tick off what they have done
Amy Laddie
Love this app and so do my kids. Its making them want to do things and help out more to earn coins. They also love that they can see what rewards they can get.
Lucy Pratt
Easy to use app, great for parents and children. We have loved using this. My son enjoys earning coins to put towards a reward of his choice. The layout of this app is easy to understand and looks nice too.
Jemma Thatcher
Love this app for my 5 yr old son to help him earn some rewards by doing chores but i can also use the behaviour point when hes been extra good or naughty to give sad or happy points he easily understood it ...
Hollie Clark
Wow, a great app the my children (9,11) loved and followed. Together we set it up choosing the tasks to do and the rewards. The app was was self explanatory to set up. My children liked that they could spend...
Rebecca Killingsworth
Deffo worth it!! Has really helped my sons behaviour- as he can now see the chores hes asked to do, and be rewarded accordingly ♡ Love this app- thank you so much.
Ruby Suleman