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About Christian Journal -Bible& More

Christian Journal is your #1 Christian App designed to help you connect with God through Christian journaling, Bible Journaling and Bible meditation. This journal app comes with Christian diary with a lock, gratitude journal and mood tracker for daily reflection. Our guided journal with Christian Journal prompts is designed to help you stay focused and grounded in your faith, directing your inner dialogue to God and the plans He has for your life.

Christian journaling calls on us to fill our minds with God’s word and his truths as they are revealed to us through the scriptures. It means to speak, think and ponder upon his word. It’s important not only to read the bible but to take time to meditate on each scripture to see what it is that God is trying to teach us. This biblical reflection is essential to Christian living.

Christian Journal - mood tracker, free gratitude journal and private Diary with a lock will help you lower stress levels, feel calmer and to stay focused and grounded in your faith. Use this free gratitude journal to focus on the positive things in your live and to record what you are grateful for. Practice gratitude with this simple, free, and private gratitude journaling app.

Experience a stronger faith, peace, encouragement, a better prayer life and transform your life as you incorporate Christian Journaling into your daily routine. Download the app today!

Christian Journal- Journal with a lock, free diary, gratitude journal and mood tracker features:

* Best bible Journaling app for daily Christian meditation
* Track your moods - Bible verses for your mood
* Voice notes
* Christian stickers and emojis for your private diary
* Daily morning and evening Christian Journal Prompts
* Moods Bible: Daily encouragement from the Word of God
* Customize color themes for your journal app
* Edit and create new customizable moods for mood tracker
* Set daily journaling reminders
* Hundreds of journal prompts for self reflection, self discovery and managing anxiety and directing your thoughts to God.
* Mood tracker and journaling statistics
* PIN lock to protect your journals- Set Code-lock for your entries
* Export PDF and TXT to share or print your diary entries
* Back up your journals safely- Never lose your memories
* Private diary and journal - We do not collect your data
* Customize fonts for your journal
* Write journals with pictures
* Daily reminders to write in your gratitude journal and dairy.

What you will achieve with Christian Journaling and Christian meditation app:
* Align your heart and mind with God’s word
* Stay focused and grounded in your faith
* Reprogram your mind and eliminate your limiting beliefs, insecurity and faithlessness
* Re-ground yourself in your identity in Christ
* Live out your best life built from a foundation of God
* Prevent yourself from thinking negative thoughts that sabotage you.
* Feel motivated everyday
* Replace your fears with confidence and certainty.
* Record thoughts, sermons, bible verses, confessions, experiences, scriptures, prayers, reflections and lessons that God is teaching you.
* Let God speak to you and transform your thoughts through daily Christian journaling.
* Journal your prayer requests, Bible memorization, spiritual goals, thanksgiving to God, Miracles and God sightings, Bible Verses you want to memorize and more.

“The goal with Bible journaling is to experience God’s Word in a new way as you spend time with the Lord.” Laurel Keller

Download the App today and don’t forget to leave a positive review.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Christian Journal?

Christian Journal is a Christian App designed to help you connect with God through journaling, Bible meditation, and a variety of features such as a gratitude journal and mood tracker.

Why is Christian journaling important?

Christian journaling helps us fill our minds with God's word and truths, allowing us to reflect, meditate, and learn from scripture. It is an essential practice for Christian living.

What features does Christian Journal offer?

Christian Journal offers features such as a mood tracker, gratitude journal, private diary with a lock, voice notes, daily Christian Journal Prompts, customizable moods, journaling reminders, and more.

How can Christian Journaling benefit me?

Christian Journaling can lead to a stronger faith, peace, encouragement, a better prayer life, and a transformed life. It helps align your heart and mind with God's word, eliminates limiting beliefs, and allows God to speak to you through daily journaling.

Is my privacy protected when using Christian Journal?

Yes, your privacy is protected. Christian Journal provides a PIN lock to protect your journals, does not collect your data, and allows you to export your entries as PDF or TXT for sharing or printing.

How can I download Christian Journal?

You can download Christian Journal by searching for it in your app store and following the download instructions. Don't forget to leave a positive review after using the app!
Loving it already. Really nice app fir mystics like me and others..
Ruta Nashville
Very useful, I guess the creator of this apps is a brethren in Christ. thank you and God bless
rubinstein monderin
I've only just started using this App and I'm thankful I got it.
Nandipha September
A very good way to spend with God putting everything on a journal
mthoko mthembu
Rudolf Martin Panopio
Jemimah Masini