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About Reflect - Christian Mindfulness

Mindfulness is an excellent way to learn relaxation and to reduce stress levels. This app contains reflections and meditations based on the Christian principles of biblical meditation and contemplative prayer. Each reflection is a guided audio describing a particular practice to follow. There are four pieces of relaxing music that you add as background to the meditations.

The sections of the app are: bible reflections - meditations on a passage from the bible, imaginative contemplation - place yourself in a scene from the bible, meditation basics - an introduction to mindfulness practices, prayer - guided prayer exercises, lectio divina - meditations using reading a bible passage and Christmas reflections - bible meditations on the Christmas story.

Each contemplation is focused on allowing you to meditate and reflect on Jesus. In silence and stillness we are able to come close to God through the power of the Holy Spirit. Take time out from your day to spend with the Lord.

The meditations can be streamed or downloaded for later use. On android versions of jelly-bean and up, the playback can be paused or cancelled from the notification or the lock-screen.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Reflect - Christian Mindfulness?

Reflect - Christian Mindfulness is an app that offers reflections and meditations based on the principles of biblical meditation and contemplative prayer, with a focus on Christian teachings.

How can Reflect - Christian Mindfulness help with relaxation and stress reduction?

Reflect - Christian Mindfulness provides guided audio reflections and meditations that can help individuals learn relaxation techniques and reduce stress levels.

What are the sections of the app?

The sections of the app include bible reflections, imaginative contemplation, meditation basics, prayer exercises, lectio divina, and Christmas reflections.

What is included in the bible reflections section?

The bible reflections section offers meditations on passages from the Bible, allowing users to reflect on and engage with the teachings.

What is the purpose of imaginative contemplation?

Imaginative contemplation allows users to place themselves in a scene from the Bible, providing a unique way to engage with the teachings and reflect on Jesus.

What can users expect from the meditation basics section?

The meditation basics section serves as an introduction to mindfulness practices, providing users with the foundational knowledge and techniques to engage in meditation.

How does the app assist in guided prayer exercises?

The app provides guided prayer exercises, offering users a structured and guided approach to prayer, enhancing their spiritual experience.

What is lectio divina?

Lectio divina refers to meditations that involve reading a Bible passage, allowing users to delve deeper into the meaning and messages within the text.

What can users find in the Christmas reflections section?

The Christmas reflections section offers bible meditations specifically focusing on the Christmas story, allowing users to reflect on this significant religious event.

Can the meditations be streamed or downloaded?

Yes, the meditations in Reflect - Christian Mindfulness can be streamed or downloaded for later use, providing convenience for users.

How can playback be controlled on Android versions of jelly-bean and up?

On Android versions of jelly-bean and up, the playback can be paused or canceled directly from the notification or the lock-screen.
Lovely app God bless those who came up with this idea
Gorda Soto
Excellent! I searched for christian mindfulness and found this lectio divina app! It is very well done. Thank you so much for creating this.
Roxanne T
Love this app so much!
Lisa Collien
Almost provides exactly what I needed which, is a blessing in itself.
Michael Gee
Really find this app useful. Have been using it for about three months. Would highly recommend it. One thing: the introductions on lectio divina seem to have disappeared. Not sure if that's an update or a gl...
Kate I
This app helps so much with my mindfulness routine!
Rebecca Houghton