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About ParagraphAI

"#1 AI Writing Assistant powered by GPT-3" -

ParagraphAI is a world-class writing and knowledge assistant for students and professionals, guaranteed to increase your productivity and writing quality. Instantly draft articles, respond to emails, and automatically ensure professional grammar and tone. Ask it anything and save time on tedious tasks. Welcome to the power of human-AI collaboration.


*WRITE* articles, essays, emails, messages and outlines on any topic you desire. Simply describe your topic -- "an essay outline on Macbeth", "a report about increasing sales" -- and ParagraphAI will produce perfectly written text in the format of your choice. Adjust tone and voice to further fine-tune your AI generated text.

*REPLY* to emails and messages in an instant. Copy and Paste any email or comment and get an immediate reply in your desired tone - just indicate approval or disapproval. Save time responding to emails and leave it to the AI.

*IMPROVE* the grammar and tone of any text. ParagraphAI will correct or rewrite rough drafts and outlines with professional spelling, grammar, and vocabulary. Interpret the tone of your writing to ensure you are conveying what you wish to say.

Who It Benefits:

*PROFESSIONALS* can write and reply to emails, messages, reports, and more instantly and with perfect grammar. Paragraph will check grammar and fix mistakes instantly. From sales and marketing to customer service and operations, every professional will see the quality, impact and speed of their writing improve.

*STUDENTS* can improve their writing, learn more about the world, brainstorm and collaborate with a world-class AI writing and knowledge assistant and get instant feedback on their work.

*ORGANIZATIONS* can empower their people to be more productive and improve all internal and external communications. Grammatical errors and unintended tones can cost organizations valuable relationships. Ensure your organization is always presented professionally and in the best light with ParagraphAI.

About Us:

ParagraphAI is built with love by a team of expert engineers and designers from Meta, MIT, OpenAI and more. We aim to embrace the potential of human-AI collaboration, and power-up writing for students and professionals alike. Interested? Download the extension today and join the AI productivity revolution.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is ParagraphAI?

ParagraphAI is a writing and knowledge assistant powered by AI, designed to improve productivity and writing quality for students and professionals.

What can ParagraphAI help with?

ParagraphAI can help with various tasks such as drafting articles, responding to emails, improving grammar and tone, and providing instant feedback on writing.

How does ParagraphAI work?

ParagraphAI uses AI technology, specifically GPT-3, to generate text based on the provided topic or input. It can adjust tone and voice to match the desired writing style.

Who can benefit from using ParagraphAI?

Professionals, students, and organizations can all benefit from using ParagraphAI. It improves writing quality, saves time, and helps convey messages effectively.

Who developed ParagraphAI?

ParagraphAI was developed by a team of expert engineers and designers from Meta, MIT, OpenAI, and more. They aim to harness the potential of human-AI collaboration for enhanced writing productivity.
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Best AI Writting Assistant App❀️
Aicer John Amante Banting
Really brilliant app. Helped me alot as a student who is struggling with essays
This app is the best. As a student I have challenges starting a paragraph or essay, so this app writes them for me and I simply readjust them to fit my taste. It also helps with friendly or formal emails. I ...
Cousins Jamboree
dumb chan
Absolutely perfect.
Eul's TV