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About Writer's Companion - World-Build, Plan, Organize

Writer's Companion is an app created by author Caleb A. Robinson to aid writers in planning their novels, organizing their content, and achieving their goals.

Projects are at the center of the Writer's Companion App. Every goal you set, outline you create, and world-building item you add will be related to a Project to help you stay organized. The word "Project" can be replaced with "Novel", "Screenplay", or "Dungeons and Dragons Campaign"; it just depends on what you use the app for!

The world-building tool can be used to organize information about the world in which your story takes place. Adding a world-building item will create a new category into which you can organize your ideas (for example "Characters" or "Kingdoms"). Once you have created a category, you can add individual items (for example "Percy Jackson" or "Gondor").

Goals help writers stay on target to achieve their dreams. Use this part of the app to create and edit goals and to view your progress. Goals are tied to your Projects so you can keep your progress organized. Goals don't have to be measured in word counts. You can use chapters, hours, pages, scenes edited—anything you can think of!

The planning tool allows you to create chapter outlines for your Project. Each Project can have one chapter outline. You can add world-building items to each chapter so you can keep track of which characters are present in the scene, where it takes place, or really anything you might need to track! You can easily view your writing progress by checking the box next to a chapter when it is complete.

There are a handful of other tools to use such as note taking, backing up your data, a Tip of the Day, user statistics, and more!

Similar Apps - visible in preview.

World Scribe

World Scribe


Ever wanted to create a fictional setting — for your next novel, comic, screenplay, or what-have-you — but find it difficult to keep everything organized?

World Scribe eases the creation process by letting you keep track of every important element in your world, including the ways in which they're connected.

Whether you're a novelist, hobby writer, or role-player, World Scribe is an indispensable tool for making your settings more than just fiction. Bring your world to life today!



- World elements — known as Articles — are organized into five categories for your convenience:

 * People - your colorful cast of characters

 * Groups - people united by blood, race, or a driving motivation

 * Places - the varied locales and vistas your world has to offer

 * Items - gadgets, important artifacts, and various belongings

 * Concepts - definitions for world-specific ideas like magic systems, religions, and superpowers

- Any Article can possess Connections to other Articles, complete with relationship descriptions. Each Connection also acts as a link to that Article's page. Need to find a character's siblings, or the ancient artifacts on their person? You can navigate to each of them straight from that character's page.

- Any Article can also possess Snippets, which are custom text entries unique to that Article. Want to write down an important letter or speech from one of your characters? How about a song or poem warning of a dangerous location in the world? The possibilities are endless!

- Everything you write is stored in simple text files, so feel free to export your worlds at any time and use them in other writing projects. You can find them in the "WorldScribe" folder on your phone's external storage.

- Have a Dropbox account? You can backup each of your worlds to your Dropbox account for easy exporting and added safety (in case the Dark Lord seizes your device). To backup, just select the "Backup to Dropbox" option from the overflow menu at any time.



World Scribe is a tool, first and foremost, before it is a product. As such, we aim to tailor its functionality to meet the needs of writers everywhere. If you have suggestions for new features, find a bug within the app, or have other questions, feel free to send an email to:

[email protected]

Make sure "World Scribe" is somewhere in the topic title! If you're emailing about a bug or issue, make sure to mention both your device model and Android version within the body of the email.

Fortelling - Writer Tools

Fortelling - Writer Tools


Fortelling offers a suite with a wide range of tools. This way you can focus on what matters the most: writing. Fortelling offers tools in 3 categories to help you improve your writing skills.

1. Write your novel organized.
Fortelling offers you a wide range of planning and plotting tools. Below you can find a list of all the tools we currently offer in the app. By creating story elements, you will always stay on top of what you’ve developed thus far.
- Characters & Character groups
- Worldbuilding: Locations, Species & Items
- Timelines
- Pinboards
- Other tools: Books, Labels, Plot, Dictionary & Notes

We would love to highlight some of the unique features these tools have. You can create relations between items. E.g.: this way you know which character currently holds the magical golden coin. To even take this one step further; you can create a pinboard and layout all the connected story elements.

Worldbuilding needs a lot of planning, especially the locations. That’s why we’ve added sublocations so you can ‘walk’ through your world. It is also possible to see a tree view of all your created locations.

Timelines are especially handy for mapping out the history of a long-forgotten land. But what about a specific battle in the middle of your story? Create a timeline for every instance and manage their events as close to the minute.

2. Tell your story together.
The app offers you to add your friends to a writing project. This way you can collaborate with them in real-time. It is also possible to add proofreaders. So, they can follow along and check what you’re writing.

3. Participate in weekly challenges
Each week, new writing prompts will be added to our homepage. These challenges vary in genre. Thus, they will challenge you to think outside of the box, participate, and evolve your writing skills. Get feedback and learn from others.

Writer Tools - Novel Planner, Tracker & Editor

Writer Tools - Novel Planner, Tracker & Editor


The number of people who start writing a book is much larger than the number who manage to finish it. But no worries, we are here to help you.

With our writing tools you can track your progress thus far, plan your novel, write your novel and be able to focus on what matters for you the most: FINISHING THE DAMN BOOK!

Use the application in your native language. The application is currently available in English, Dutch, German, Portuguese, Russian, Polish, French, Spanish, Chinese, Italian, Korean and Chinese.

Scared of losing your progress? Don't worry, we've got a backup system for you. You can manually save your databases to our secured cloud. Only if you want to though. Now you can access or recover all your data on all your android devices.

Start our 25 minutes timer and focus on your writing. You won't be able to see your notification-bar. After a short break you can simply reset the timer and be back on track immediately.

Writing Progress
'Writing Progress' is split up in 2 tabs. With 'Writing Log' you can monitor how much and when you've written. 'Progress Stats' on the other hand shows you the statistics of your books. When you select the bell icon you can setup your personal 'Daily Writing Reminder'. An novel contains on average 80.000 words. So let's get started!

Plan the events of your book in chronological order. But use the chapter function to order your events in the order they are presented to the reader. This will get you an overview in which order your main-events happened. This helps you also understanding what your characters already know and what they've been through.

We recommend you to create a profile for every character, even the smallest characters. It's of course unnecessary to fill in all the text fields for every character. A good habit while writing, is to note everything you come up with for a character in his/her profile. Hereby you can look this information up much quicker. It's basically your cheatsheet for all your characters.

In the chapters module, you can chronologically order your chapters. In the description, you can describe what happens in this chapter. With this you will be able to see how your story goes in a glimp and see the chapter lengths in a nice overview.

After you've tapped on a chapter, the application opens the scenes module. In here we recommend to plan your chapter really in depth. You can see this as an abstract way of your chapter. The scenes can also be re-ordered.

(Sub-) Locations
We recommend to start planning your environment from the biggest place in your world (e.g. a village). From here on you start to dig deeper: streets > houses > floor of a house > specific room. You can create a sub-location by tapping on a location.

Quarterly Writing Goals
If you don't set yourself some deadlines, there is a big chance you will never finish your books. It's a great idea to make a rough planning of want you want to achieve in the next few months. For example: start writing chapter 6 and 7, edit chapter 4 or write 20.000 words. Without goals, you don't have a point of focus. Set your goals and achieve them.

Unleash your inner novelist!

By downloading Writer Tools you automatically accept:
- the terms and conditions:
- the privacy policy:

Moon Writer

Moon Writer


Moon Writer is a minimalistic and functional text editor with Markdown support.

This app allows you to easily write articles, books, keep diaries and take notes.

Sort your documents into folders in order to maintain order. Auto-naming helps you make quick notes, a detailed file name, including date, time, and year, will help you return to editing the document later, without unnecessary searches.

The editor and the viewing mode individually remember where, you have finished reading and editing the document.

The main rule of this app is to prevent data loss. After each character entered, the editor saves a file with text.

Moon Writer supports automatic scheduled backup to Google Drive and DropBox with the ability to protect the zip archive with a password.

The text editor has a minimalist design that eliminates various distractions while working.

Moon Writer supports Markdown, with the help of it you can achieve better text formatting and visually evaluate the work done in viewing mode.

The following are the other features of this app:
• Automatic and manual change of the theme Day / Night;
• Ability to enable minimalistic icons;
• Ability to change the font in the entire app;
• Ability to enable a simplified formatting panel in the text editor;
• Ability to disable Markdown;
• Ability to change the order of buttons on the formatting panel;
• Ability to change line spacing;
• Ability to change the font size.
• Ability to change the formatting symbols for bold and italics during editing (long press on the italic or bold icon on the formatting panel).

Writing Prompts - An Online Community!

Writing Prompts - An Online Community!


Stuck in writing? Can't come up with ideas to write? Writing Prompts will help you bring out the best in your writing!

With helpful and imaginative writing prompts, this app will open new doors for your writing.

Each writing prompt is specially written and selected to help you write about any and every genre.

Ideas :
As a writer, sometimes we need some ideas to get started. Ideas don't come fully formed, but a single line or a broad idea, can help a lot. It's what we intend to bring you with this app.

Creation :
Every creation needs a good inspiration. And inspiration can lead you to your masterpiece. Read prompts and get inspired! You never know which one will turn into your own masterpiece.

Unleash your creativity :
You have the words in you, they will come out when the right idea strikes. Writing Prompts is filled with various prompts and ideas. There's one in there, which might be the idea your words were looking for.

Share your prompts
If you have a prompt which you think will help others, feel free to share it. Let's grow together as a community!

Write your own stories
Let the world see your stories. Write and share your own stories for the prompts. Get feedback from writers from all over the world.

Ideas and stories are waiting for you.

No more excuses.

Install the app now! And let the words flow~!

Suggestions for new features are always welcome. Write to us at : [email protected]

Keep creating, keep writing! :)




Simple Article, book writing application.

- Dark / Light theme.
- Customize.

- Text customization.
- Export

- File Lock
- Talk to summer feature. (Speech To Text)
- Removal of ads
- Print

Literally just what I needed. 5 stars. It's so good! One thing though, you are not able to move character placements around eg. I want the Main Character to be first on the list, but since I added her first,...
Alkora Blue
Working great so far, only things I would like in future updates is to be able to rearrange sections in our templates instead of having it in alphabetical order, and hopefully create features for collaborati...
Shannon LeClerc
Really simple to learn and very useful app. Definitely worth Premium for the extra categories. The only thing I would recommend is a way to share uneditable versions of your world information to others!
Geoffrey Craigie