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About Ayoa: Visual Task Management

Ayoa is a visual work management tool to help individuals and teams from around the world become more productive and creative. Achieve more than ever before by combining Mind Mapping with Task Management and Instant Messaging features. Ayoa gives you the tools you need to; brainstorm great ideas, turn your ideas into actionable tasks, track your progress, ensure no deadlines get missed, and delegate tasks to others, all in one app.

Perfect for remote work, Ayoa enables teams to collaborate with ease thanks to its built-in Instant Messaging function. Share your Mind Maps and Task Boards with others, and add notes, comments, checklists, file attachments and more. Ayoa’s countless integrations (with Zoom video chat coming soon) enable you to manage your work and communicate with your team without the need to switch apps!

With Ayoa, project management is a breeze - whether your team works remotely or from the same office. Generate ideas in colorful Mind Maps (which are proven to boost creative thinking), then turn the branches of your map into tasks that can be expertly managed in a Task Board. With 3 Task Board styles to choose from (including one inspired by traditional Gantt Charts), you can manage your projects the way that suits you - so you never lose sight of your goals.

The best thing about Ayoa? You can sign up for free!

Ayoa’s great features include:

Mind Mapping
• Choose from 3 easy-to-use Mind Mapping styles (Speed Mind Maps, Organic Mind Maps, and Radial Maps) to plan projects, brainstorm ideas, and take notes in meetings.
• Customize your Mind Maps with images, emojis, and different branch styles and colors.
• Add more context to your ideas by adding notes, checklists, comments, attachments, and more to the branches of your Mind Maps.
• Quickly turn your Mind Map branches into tasks so you can delegate them to others, add start and due dates, set reminders, and more.
• Get started quickly by choosing from a range of templates.

Project Management and Task Management
• Manage projects in a view that suits you - choose Canvas View for colorful bubbles, Kanban inspired Workflow View if you love lists, and Gantt Timeline View if you want to put your tasks in a clear timeline dependent on their deadlines.
• Prioritize your personal workload with My Planner or My Calendar - only seen by you.
• Add Cover Images to help personalize tasks and make them identifiable at a glance.
• Elevate your task management - set Start Dates, Due Dates, and Reminders so you never miss a deadline, then track everyone’s progress with visual Progress Indicators.
• Break tasks down into smaller chunks with a Checklist.
• Delegate tasks to any member of your team, and give them additional context by adding, notes, comments, file attachments, and more.

Collaboration and Remote Work
• Use Ayoa Chat (our instant messaging function) to send direct messages to individual members of your team or start a group conversation with everyone you need.
• Add emoji reactions and send attachments and tasks directly to others in Ayoa Chat’s instant messaging.
• See what everyone is working on each day with the Team Pulse dashboard.
• Always see who is available with customizable User Statuses.
• Have complete control by choosing what information can be accessed and edited by others in the Mind Maps and Task Boards you create.
• Receive instant updates when changes have been made to a task.
• Present Mind Maps and Task Boards and make changes in-real alongside a video chat or meeting with the handy Live Share feature.
• Host a video chat directly in Ayoa with built-in Zoom integration (coming soon!)
• Ayoa Integrates with some of your favorite tools, including Google Calendar, Dropbox, Evernote, and more.

Ready to take your Mind Mapping and Task Management to the next level? Sign up to Ayoa for free today!

Your use of this app is subject to the Ayoa Terms and Conditions, which can be found at:

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Ayoa?

Ayoa is a visual work management tool that combines Mind Mapping with Task Management and Instant Messaging features to help individuals and teams become more productive and creative.

What are some features of Ayoa?

Some features of Ayoa include Mind Mapping with customizable styles, project management and task management views, prioritization tools, progress tracking, task delegation, collaboration through instant messaging, team dashboard, user statuses, information control, live sharing, video chat integration, and integration with other tools like Google Calendar and Dropbox.

How can Ayoa help with remote work?

Ayoa enables teams to collaborate easily with its built-in Instant Messaging function. Users can share Mind Maps and Task Boards, add comments and attachments, and collaborate in real-time. Ayoa also integrates with popular video chat tool Zoom (coming soon), allowing for seamless communication during remote meetings.

How does Ayoa support project management?

Ayoa offers versatile project management tools. Users can generate ideas in Mind Maps, then turn map branches into tasks that can be managed in different Task Board styles. Users can choose from Canvas View, Workflow View, and Gantt Timeline View, depending on their preferences. Ayoa also provides features like task prioritization, progress indicators, task breakdown with checklists, and task delegation.

Is Ayoa free to use?

Yes, Ayoa offers a free sign-up option, allowing users to access its features without any cost. However, there may be additional paid plans or features available.
Nice app
Eng. Harshvardhan Padghan
Most comprehensive, useful and intuitive planner I've used - for all kinds of projects. And it just keeps getting better and better.
Sandra Lyne
User friendly, easy to use
Abigail Vicky Goh
A great app works really well, I've used it for brain storming out ideas the only thing is the free version could do with more features
Abdi Yusuf
I used this app for only a few hours - on the android, IOS and web versions. User friendly and similar on all platforms.
SS Lim
Евгений Бредюк