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About XMind: Mind Mapping

Focusing solely on mind mapping for 12 years, XMind represents our understanding of mind mapping tool.
With its minimal design, smooth experience and powerful features, XMind is a powerful and easy to use mind mapping and brainstorming tool across all devices.

#Beautiful and easy to use XMind mind mapping tool
- Desktop-class mind mapping graphics engine (Snowbrush): ensure a fast and powerful mind mapping experience as in the desktop;
- 16 mind map diagrams: including basic mind map structure, Fishbone, Org-Chart etc.;
- 10 eye-catching themes: all themes are redesigned, which enables your mind map a new look and feel;
- Files: faster find and manage mind maps on current devices;
- Follow the guidelines defined in the material design specification
- Cross platform synchronization: available for PC, Mac, iOS and Android, XMind works across different platforms.
- Sharing: support exporting to .xmind or image file.Embed in Google Slides,Microsoft PowerPoint,Keynote.


#Mind mapping anywhere
XMind, designed for people who work and study hard.
White-collar workers, business people, Internet practitioners, etc. use XMind as a necessary efficient tool for brainstorming, organizing ideas and work plans in every day life.
Students and teachers use XMind to organize notes, prepare lessons, make a plan for the new term and remember words.


>Meeting Notes
Record meeting content and ideas in a mind map as a clear and beautiful chart, put it in your PPT and show it to your colleagues

>Lecture Notes
Organize your lecture notes in a systematic way in a mind map, say goodbye to all the clutter and disorganization

>Inspiration collection
Easily record the inspiration and idea anywhere and anytime and form your own knowledge base. Brainstorm productively with friends.

>Travel Plans
Create daily plan before traveling. Record travel details during your journey.

Introduce yourself with the Matrix or Timeline diagram more clearly and gain confidence.

>Annual Plan
All your daily plans, weekly and monthly plans or even annual plans can be presented clearly in a mind map.


Let us know if you have any feedback, or if we can help in any way at [email protected].

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is XMind?

XMind is a mind mapping and brainstorming tool that has been focused on for 12 years, with a minimal design, smooth experience, and powerful features.

What features does XMind offer?

XMind offers a desktop-class mind mapping graphics engine, 16 mind map diagrams, 10 eye-catching themes, faster file management, cross-platform synchronization, and the ability to share mind maps.

Who uses XMind?

XMind is used by white-collar workers, business people, internet practitioners, students, and teachers.

How can XMind be used for meeting notes?

XMind allows users to record meeting content and ideas in a mind map, which can then be put into a presentation and shown to colleagues.

How can XMind be used for lecture notes?

XMind can help organize lecture notes in a systematic way, eliminating clutter and disorganization.

How can XMind be used for inspiration collection?

XMind allows users to easily record inspiration and ideas, creating a personal knowledge base. Users can also brainstorm with friends.

How can XMind be used for travel plans?

XMind can be used to create daily plans before traveling and record travel details during the journey.

How can XMind be used for resumes?

XMind offers Matrix or Timeline diagrams to help users introduce themselves more clearly and confidently.

How can XMind be used for annual plans?

XMind can present daily plans, weekly and monthly plans, and even annual plans in a clear mind map format.

How can I provide feedback or get support for XMind?

You can contact XMind support at [email protected].
It is very simple to use
Rezin Shankar
Easy to use, good tool
Karen Chan from Brenden Surprise
swamy sri
Easy to use however it does not have all features as the web version
Nash Mo
Masoud Zarabi
Mind blowing mobile app with a lot of functions like desktop application has. Best app for mind mapping.
Gopal Ram