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About Keeplink: Links/Bookmarks manager

Save bookmarks from anywhere easily and quickly. Save anything you discover: books, articles, shopping, news, recipes… Manage all of them in one app and view them later using highly customisable display

Links organiser use normal folders whats make finding links saved long time ago in a complicated and long task if you didn't remember where you saved them.

With Keeplink you can access, find and organise them faster, everything is nicely placed using icons which allow you to use the app in a more visual way.

You can create a "Private" category with password to save them privately.

You can keep a backup of your links, categories and subcategories in case you change or loose your phone.


Keeplink bookmark management app provide you all the features you need:

- Easy organise bookmarks within categories with your favourites icons
- You can manage bookmarks by categories and subcategories.
- It's easy to find the web page you want to view because the app adds a icon and thumbnail of the web pages.
- You can easily add a bookmark by using "Share" menu of your browser.
- All the features you need to edit a bookmark: title, tag, note, move
- Not obligatory login, you can enjoy 100% functionalities without login
- Search bookmarks by : title, tag…
- Register using Email, Google, or Twitter.


You can customise a variety of settings to suit your taste, e.g. categories background theme, app color…


-You can create backup file with your bookmarks and categories.
-You can restore your data from backup


- You can import HTML file from your computer browser with your bookmarks
- You can export Keeplink bookmarks and categories by transferring a HTML file.


.-To get bookmark title and image.

.-To export bookmarks to files in external storage.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Keeplink?

Keeplink is a links/bookmarks manager app that allows you to save and organize bookmarks from anywhere.

How does Keeplink help with bookmark organization?

Keeplink allows you to easily organize bookmarks within categories and subcategories, making it easier to find them later.

Can I access and organize my bookmarks quickly with Keeplink?

Yes, Keeplink provides a highly customizable display with icons, allowing you to access and organize your bookmarks in a more visual way.

Can I save bookmarks privately with Keeplink?

Yes, you can create a "Private" category with a password to save bookmarks privately.

Can I backup my bookmarks and categories with Keeplink in case of device loss?

Yes, Keeplink allows you to keep a backup of your links, categories, and subcategories, ensuring you don't lose them if you change or lose your phone.

How can I add bookmarks to Keeplink?

You can easily add bookmarks by using the "Share" menu of your browser.

Is it necessary to login to use Keeplink?

No, it is not obligatory to login. You can enjoy 100% of the app's functionalities without login.

Can I search for bookmarks within Keeplink?

Yes, you can search for bookmarks by title, tag, and other criteria.

Can I customize the appearance of Keeplink?

Yes, you can customize various settings such as the categories' background theme and app color to suit your taste.

How can I import or export bookmarks with Keeplink?

You can import HTML files from your computer browser or export Keeplink bookmarks and categories by transferring an HTML file.

What permissions does Keeplink require?

Keeplink requires internet and access network state permissions to retrieve bookmark titles and images. It also requires write external storage permission to export bookmarks to external storage files.
Bill Brown
Please fix the expired certificate on your desktop website at Will remove 1 star review when you fix it. Extremely annoying.
Mack Dacre
It was working for awhile and i loved using it, and wish to continue to but it wont even open any more. Just keeps on crashing constantly. UPDATE: First of all glad the developer responds quick. Second thank...
Really good app. I wanted to ask if you store all the data locally or is it saved on cloud? Also when we restore data from where does it restore? If we login with the same email id on another phone how will ...
Gaurav Nanda
Awesome, and useful app. But I miss one thing when accessing password protected links. Is possible to add "fingerprint unlock" so I won't have to enter the password every time I want to use it? thanks!
Keeplink has helped me so much with digital organization. It's clean and intuitive to use.
Charlie Light