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About MindMaster - MindMapping

MindMaster aims at helping users draw professional-looking mind maps on Android devices. You can quickly build your maps with built-in templates, and share with others through images, and PDFs. Whether you are an office staff, an entrepreneur, a student or a freelancer, you can use MindMaster to help you plan tasks, boost creativity, and streamline works.

With Edraw MindMaster, you can:

Get Information Organized
>Sort out information with radial structure.
>Visually present information with the combination of texts, colors and images.
>Display contents in various layouts, such as mind maps, organizational charts, fishbone diagrams, timelines, etc.

Cloud Sync among Different Devices
>Create mind maps instantly on your Android phone and store them in the cloud.
>Your mind maps will be automatically synchronized to Edraw MindMaster Windows, Mac, and Web versions.
>Your can also save your mind maps to your Google Drive or Dropbox cloud account.

Share Maps with Others Easily
>One-click to share your works with others through a web link.

Use MindMaster for different occasions:

Mind maps are popular for project planning, problem solving, meeting management, and presentations. Use MindMaster to help brainstorming sessions, to generate new ideas, or even to map the organizational structure.

MindMaster is a great tool to help students take notes in class, memorize new words, and boost creativity. Teachers can also use it to make lesson plans, do presentations, and collect research materials.

The mind map application can be used as notepads to write down ideas, to-do lists, or daily schedules.

Features of MindMaster:

>Add new topics, sub topics and floating topics in one tap
>Edit, cut, copy, paste and delete topics
>Undo and redo
>Drag and drop topics
>Expand and collapse branches
>Insert images
>Add callouts, boundaries, and summaries to topics
>Add relationship lines
>Apply predefined themes
>Switch layout to left map, right map, org chart map, fishbone diagram, timeline, circular map etc.
>Auto-layout topics and auto-expand canvas
>Drill a branch or topic
>Change different connector styles
>Use Rainbow color modes
>Switch to hand-drawn mode
>Save maps to the cloud
>Share with others through PDFs, images, and web links.
>Read, edit, and save maps created with Edraw MindMaster Desktop and Web versions.

You can find privacy policy and terms & conditions from the following links:

If you have any suggestions or questions, please feel free to contact us:
Email Support:[email protected]
Twitter:Edraw @edrawsoft
FaceBook:Edraw Software

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is MindMaster?

MindMaster is a mind mapping app that allows users to create professional-looking mind maps on Android devices.

How can MindMaster help users?

MindMaster helps users organize and visually present information, create different types of layouts, sync their mind maps across devices, and easily share their works with others.

Can MindMaster be used for business?

Yes, MindMaster is popular for project planning, problem solving, meeting management, and presentations. It can also be used for brainstorming and mapping organizational structures.

Is MindMaster useful for education?

Yes, MindMaster is a great tool for students to take notes, memorize new words, and boost creativity. Teachers can also use it for lesson plans, presentations, and research materials.

How can MindMaster be used for personal purposes?

MindMaster can be used as a notepad to write down ideas, to-do lists, or daily schedules.

What are the features of MindMaster?

The features of MindMaster include adding and editing topics, undo and redo functions, drag and drop capabilities, zooming, adding images and callouts, applying themes, and saving and sharing maps.

Can MindMaster be used on different devices?

Yes, MindMaster can be used on Android phones and is also synchronized with the Windows, Mac, and Web versions of Edraw MindMaster. It can be saved to cloud storage like Google Drive and Dropbox.

How can MindMaster maps be shared with others?

MindMaster maps can be easily shared with others through web links, PDFs, and images.

Is there a privacy policy and terms & conditions for MindMaster?

Yes, the privacy policy can be found at and the terms & conditions can be found at

How can I contact support for MindMaster?

You can contact support by email at [email protected] or through their social media accounts on Twitter and Facebook.
Jeeva Sivalingam
Its cool
Reena Verma
A little buggy but it's great. It allows you to define a different style(color, boldness, underline, italic, scratch) for each part of the text inside the same topic box. You can also apply the same style to...
Arash Montazer
Nikhil Chauhan
It is very helpful
Yakob Tesfaye
I'm in love with the app from the moment I installed it. Very user-friendly and aesthetic which I consider super important. You can find various background patterns, colors, fonts and layouts even in the fre...
Aced Coffee