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About Wordpad Free

Wordpad is a free to use powerful word processing app. Write your document and let wordpad take care of the formatting. Use Wordpad to quickly create notes, tasks and list down your inspirations.

The writing app and word processor is as handy as you want it to be, whether you’re a blogger, writer, journalist, columnist, student, or a project manager working on documentation. Your office moves with you when you use Wordpad.

Features Of Wordpad :

- Create Unlimited documents and notes without any hassle
- Share your document as Pdf with a single click.
- Extract Text From Images using built-in offline OCR engine.
- Undo And Redo with a single click
- Alignment Support
- Bullets and Numbering Support
- Wide Variety Of Stylizing and Formatting
- Add your favorites document in a separate list.
- Deep Search Support lets you find your document from a single word.

Wordpad app is built with love in India and will be coming with new major updates. Stay tuned.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Wordpad?

Wordpad is a free to use powerful word processing app that allows you to write, format, and organize your documents.

Can I use Wordpad for creating notes and tasks?

Yes, you can use Wordpad to quickly create notes, tasks, and list down your inspirations.

Is Wordpad suitable for bloggers and writers?

Absolutely! Wordpad is as handy for bloggers, writers, journalists, columnists, students, and project managers working on documentation.

What are the features of Wordpad?

Some of the features of Wordpad include creating unlimited documents and notes, sharing documents as PDF, extracting text from images, undo and redo capabilities, support for alignment, bullets, and numbering, a wide variety of stylizing and formatting options, adding favorite documents to a separate list, and deep search support.

Is Wordpad available for free?

Yes, Wordpad is a free word processing app.

Is Wordpad available for offline use?

Yes, Wordpad can be used offline as it has a built-in offline OCR engine for extracting text from images.

Where was Wordpad developed?

Wordpad app was built with love in India.

Can we expect any future updates for Wordpad?

Yes, Wordpad will be coming with new major updates. Stay tuned for more information.
Excellent app
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