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About Mobile Forms App - Zoho Forms

Zoho Forms is a free online form builder that lets you create mobile-ready forms. You can create customizable mobile forms, configure email notifications, and collaborate with your team. It's an easy-to-use data collection tool that helps you gather and manage data from anywhere, even offline.

We've got all the features you'll need.
➢ Build forms from scratch.

➢Build offline forms.
Create forms, submit and store data offline. Once you are back online, Zoho Forms syncs your data automatically.

➢ Form fields:
- Capture Images
- Capture Signatures
- Scan Barcodes and QR Codes
- Collect payments
- Perform calculations
- Assign a unique identification number to every form submission
- File upload
- Image choices

➢ Team collaboration:
- Assign each form submission as a task to your team members.
- Add them as approvers.
- Leave comments regarding decisions made.
- Set access permissions.
- Receive instant notifications when changes are made.

➢ Email Notifications:
- Receive instant email alerts as soon as a form is submitted.
- Send email alerts to specific team members on form submission.
- Set conditions to trigger email notifications based on respondent's answers.

➢ Publish:
Our form builder makes it simple for you to share data across your organization and to the public. You can:
- Share forms privately within your organization
- Use a public link
- Use email campaigns to share forms to your subscribers
- Share forms on Social media instantly
➢ Custom reports.
Create and share instant reports to review entries. Filter and sort your data to gain clearer insights.

➢ Templates and Themes
We've created some ready-made templates for some of the frequently used forms like:

- Business forms
- Work Order forms
- Inspection Forms
- Maintenance requests
- Customer feedback forms
- Membership forms
- Human Resource forms
- Construction forms
- Event registration and party invitation forms
- Sign up and email subscription forms
- Quizzes
- Checklists

➢ Create payment forms.
We've made collecting payments really simple for you. Be it an event registration fee or a donation, you can now easily collect it through your form. All you need is an account in any of the popular payment merchants: PayPal, Stripe, or 2Checkout and you're good to go.

➢ Connect your forms to all the apps you use.
Google Sheet - Save all your submissions in a Google Sheet and store all attachments in Google Drive.
Zoho - Connect your forms to our CRM, Desk, and Campaigns applications.
Zapier: Trigger actions in 750+ applications based on your customer's responses with Zapier.
Salesforce: Create new leads and contacts in Salesforce from form submissions.

Google Suite: Store your form submissions, assign tasks and manage your entire workflow right from your G Suite account.

Read about the mobile apps -
Zoho Forms -
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Zoho Support - [email protected]

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Zoho Forms?

Zoho Forms is a free online form builder that allows you to create mobile-ready forms and collect and manage data from anywhere.

Can I create forms offline with Zoho Forms?

Yes, you can create forms, submit and store data offline with Zoho Forms, and the data will automatically sync when you're back online.

What are the different types of form fields available in Zoho Forms?

Zoho Forms offers various form fields such as capturing images, capturing signatures, scanning barcodes and QR codes, collecting payments, performing calculations, assigning unique identification numbers, file upload, and image choices.

Is there a team collaboration feature in Zoho Forms?

Yes, Zoho Forms allows you to assign form submissions as tasks to team members, add them as approvers, leave comments, set access permissions, and receive instant notifications on changes.

How can I receive email notifications with Zoho Forms?

Zoho Forms provides the option to receive instant email alerts when a form is submitted, send email alerts to specific team members, and set conditions to trigger email notifications based on respondent's answers.

How can I share forms created with Zoho Forms?

You can share forms privately within your organization, use a public link, use email campaigns to share forms with subscribers, and share forms on social media instantly.

Can I create custom reports with Zoho Forms?

Yes, Zoho Forms allows you to create and share instant reports, filter and sort data, and gain clearer insights.

Are there any ready-made templates available in Zoho Forms?

Yes, Zoho Forms provides ready-made templates for various forms such as business forms, work order forms, inspection forms, customer feedback forms, and more.

Can I create payment forms with Zoho Forms?

Yes, Zoho Forms makes it easy to collect payments through your forms by integrating with popular payment merchants like PayPal, Stripe, and 2Checkout.

Can I connect Zoho Forms with other apps?

Yes, Zoho Forms can be connected to apps like Google Sheets, Zoho CRM, Desk, Campaigns, Zapier, Salesforce, and Google Suite for seamless integration and workflow management.
Samt Parakh
Fery Herdiansyah
thanks now, its working in 4.4 android version, which was suddenly stopped after opening on signing in process.... its great to sign in again
vks 2010
Great app
connect kenya cars
The experience with the form builder and entries were quite good. But I am disappointed for only one thing that the form fields cannot be edited once the form is complete. For example in my case, I didn't kn...
Raja Giri
Nice and good, but can i change the logo app icone and rename? And also the header of form can i include logo or image?
Patrick Marquita