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About Notarize Documents Now with Instant Notary is a Virginia based company that can legally perform online notary to any US Citizen or US Resident. Our experienced and friendly, professionally licensed and certified notaries can help you finish your notarization needs within minutes. We have well over 30 years of industry experience and ability to pay attention to details of your documents.

Here is how it works:

Using our user-friendly app, you can upload any document that you need to notarize. Here is how it works:

1. Upload Your Documents & Verify Your Identity

2. Connect to our experienced Notary Public.

3. Show us your proof of identity, such as Drivers License or US Passport.

4. We will place our seal stamp and digital signatures on your document.

You will be notified when your documents are ready to download from your app. Download, Print or Share your documents directly from our app. Instantly.

We are also affordable. With only $10 per document notarized, we are cheaper than going to a UPS store, a Mailbox Store, to your bank or having someone else come to you.

Save time and save money with Instant Notary Service by

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is is a Virginia based company that provides online notary services to US Citizens and US Residents.

How does work?

To use, you need to upload your documents and verify your identity. Then, you connect with an experienced Notary Public who will place their seal stamp and digital signatures on your document. Finally, you can download, print or share your notarized documents directly from the app.

How much does charge for notarizing a document? charges only $10 per document, which is cheaper than other options such as going to a UPS store, a mailbox store, or your bank.

How long does it take to finish the notarization process with aims to complete your notarization needs within minutes, providing a quick and efficient service.

What proof of identity do I need to show to

To prove your identity, you can show your Driver's License or US Passport to the experienced Notary Public at
Great very easy to use and customer service was awesome!!! I will definitely use this app again. Thank you
Cindy San hez
Very easy to use!
Ranga Iyengar
Great app
Marnice Daniels
This app is the truth! If your someone like me & needed a last minute notary. Look no further sis.. this is the app.. hopefully you get the notary I had (chiraq Patel) very handsome might I add 😊. Thank me ...
J Shantell
Really fast notary and friendly dude. Definitely would use again.
Wanda Butler
Consistent professionalism and immediate service
Roderick Thompson