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About Bright Money

Join thousands of Americans using Bright to reduce their debt faster. Credit card debt is hard. Bright is the smart way to be done with it easily and for good.

Sign up in 5 minutes, set your money goals and the Bright Robo Manager gets to work. PAY DOWN CREDIT CARD DEBT FASTER - WITHOUT EVEN THINKING ABOUT IT.

Save +$1,000 in interest fees annually and much more with the Bright personalized plan tailored to your financial needs. Sit back and let Bright do the work. Your payments are now smarter and automated.

No effort. All impact. Cut that debt!


“I have paid down 2 credit cards without thinking. Thanks to Bright for making it easier!” John, Ohio

“I highly recommend Bright to anyone who is struggling with their finances. This app can put more money back in your pockets than you can do on your own!” Joan, New York

“Really unique concept. I'm impressed with Bright's AI component and the fact that it does what it says - pays down your debt.” Gustavo, California


● Reduce Card balances FAST - The fastest plan to actually reduce your card balances, saving you maximum interests - two benefits in a go!

● Save +$1,000 in interest - The more you pay the more you save, lower your interest costs, and stop paying unwanted bank fees.

● No Late fees EVER - Automated payments making sure you always Pay on time and don’t pay credit card late fees ever again. (That's worth $90 per year for the average user!)

● Sleek Payments experience - All cards in one place. Save at least 1 hour every week.


Your Personal Robo - Advisor

● One view of accounts - See all your Credit cards and Banks in one place.

● Automated payment plan - Set the Goal. Let the Bright system run the payments for you.

● Upcoming payments plan personalized - See your personal payments plan and what is upcoming.

● Get Notifications on Card Payments - Timely updates on everyday progress and savings!

● Early access to Credit Line - Bright offers a credit line for your card payments. That is cheaper APRs than all your cards, Guaranteed!

● Top Security and Privacy - All data is secured with the same 256-bit encryption as all major banks. We do NOT share or sell any of your personal information with ANY third parties


● We are live 24x7 to help you with your money problems. Reach us at our app, website, email or call, we are just fingertips away

● 24×7 live chat support via our website -

● Reach us via email at [email protected]


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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

How does Bright help reduce credit card debt faster?

Bright's personalized plan and automated payments help reduce credit card debt faster.

How much can I save in interest fees with Bright?

On average, users can save over $1,000 in interest fees annually with Bright.

Do I have to worry about late fees with Bright?

No, Bright's automated payments ensure that you never have to pay credit card late fees again.

Can Bright help me save time managing my cards?

Yes, Bright's sleek payments experience allows you to manage all your cards in one place, saving you at least 1 hour per week.

What features does Bright's Personal Robo-Advisor offer?

Bright's Personal Robo-Advisor provides a consolidated view of all your accounts, automated payment plans, personalized upcoming payments, timely notifications on card payments, and access to a cheaper APR credit line.

Is my personal information secure with Bright?

Yes, Bright ensures top security and privacy with 256-bit encryption, and does not share or sell any personal information with third parties.

How can I contact Bright's customer service?

You can reach Bright's customer service 24x7 through their app, website, email, or live chat support on their website.
User friendly. Simple budgeting solution
Peter Godbout
Really love this app. It's been a game changer on managing personal finance!
CB Van
Given me HUGE financial confidence.
Sydney Dowd
Love how personable this can be. I don't have a financial background and this app helps me a ton
Prerna Poojary
Trusting an app to auto pay is so against my nature, but that's how it works best. Also, if an emergency happens, there are ways to pause savings.
Alicia Kennedy
Great app. I was using Digit before and it is nothing compared to Bright. It have helped me saved and paid off $500 just this month alone on my credit card.
Dory Cha