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About NerdWallet: Credit Score, Budgeting & Finance

Track your credit score, net worth, and cash flow all in one place; get a heads up with account notifications; and get the insights you need to master your money.

Download this personal finance app today and join the millions of people who are already using NerdWallet to make smart money moves.

Easily see the bigger picture of your money
Get a complete view of your account balances and how they ladder up to your net worth. With easy-to-read charts and insights, we help you dig deeper into your cash flow so you can see exactly how you're saving and spending.

Stay on top of your finances with notifications and alerts
We’ll let you know when there’s something new, like a large purchase, change to your credit score, or late payment — and what you can do about it.

Discover insights to grow your money
See how you can build your credit score, rebalance accounts, earn more interest and more – all with insights that are personal to you.

Get the most from your money
Maximize credit card rewards, earn more cash back and easily find the best financial products for you.


Monitor your credit score changes
Get a heads up about changes to your credit score, know where you stand on all the most important credit report factors, and get personalized tips to build your credit score.


Know the numbers behind your net worth
See how much money you have between your connected accounts and assets, as well as a breakdown of your savings, investments, retirement accounts and more.

Discover money-saving recommendations
Grow your net worth by finding cash you can move between accounts and account types that can help you unlock more potential savings.

Take action with our money manager
Make free transfers between your accounts at different banks without leaving NerdWallet. Just link your accounts to get started.


See where your finances stand throughout the month
We factor in your income, expenses and upcoming bills so you know how much you have left to save or spend.

Know where your money is going with our expense tracker
After linking your accounts, you can easily see your spending broken down by category to help you spot trends and find more ways to save.

Compare your spending to previous months
Use our money tracker to see how your cash flow compares to last month’s. Handy charts help plot your progress so you can easily know when to save and when to spend.


See the best financial products for you
Your financial situation is unique. Your money moves should be, too. Get money-saving product recommendations based on your credit score and spending.

Get the most from your credit cards
See your highest-earning credit card per category so you can get ahead with everyday purchases.

Maximize your savings with extra cash back
You don't need a rewards credit card to earn rewards. Quickly link any qualifying card and start earning an additional 2-10% cash back at participating stores, online and nearby.

Download this personal finance app today and see why NerdWallet gets love from NBC, CNN, Fox, the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal and many, many more publications.

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Very great app my credit score has raised almost 60 points in past 90 days
Christopher Frost
Best tool I've found that helps get your finances and credit in order.
Raul Traviss
As invaluable as my own bank account.
Alexia Clarke
Good app to keep up with your credit
Chris Mercer
A Google user