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About Just Expenses™ Money Manager & Finance Tracker App

Do you know where your money goes? Most of us don't. Just Expenses™ is a product designed to help you better understand how you spend your money.

Keep your data safe
Financial data are very sensitive, thus it is important to understand where they are stored. With Just Expenses™ your data never leaves your phone. They are stored on your device and only you have access to it.

Offline is the new luxury
No busy waiting for data to be loaded from a remote server. We designed an app to work offline from day one. All you need is right there, in your hands.

Less is more
Our goal was to make a simple but powerful product. Having that in mind we developed an app that doesn't require any permission for running.

Size does matter
We also care about your storage. For those of you who do not have flagship phones, don't worry. This product will shine on your phone too.

Always getting better
Just Expenses™ is constantly being updated and improved. We are fully dedicated to bringing the best experience to all of you so help us stand out by sending your feedback.

Get started. Install in seconds and start using Just Expenses™ right away.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Do my financial data leave my phone?

No, your financial data are stored on your device and only you have access to them.

Can I use Just Expenses™ offline?

Yes, Just Expenses™ is designed to work offline, so you can access all your data right from your phone.

Does Just Expenses™ require any permissions to run?

No, Just Expenses™ does not require any permissions to operate, keeping it simple and easy to use.

Is Just Expenses™ suitable for phones with limited storage?

Yes, Just Expenses™ is optimized to work efficiently even on phones with limited storage space.

Will Just Expenses™ keep improving over time?

Yes, Just Expenses™ is constantly updated and improved to provide the best user experience. Your feedback is welcome to help us stand out.

How quickly can I start using Just Expenses™?

You can install Just Expenses™ in seconds and start using it immediately.
Great way to keep your expenses in one place. I used to write down every single expense in a notebook. As a taxi driver is GRANDIOSO. My accounting is happy too!!!!
Wagner Brea
Very good App. Simple and user friendly. Good user interface. I am enjoying using this App. Thanks to the developers of this App ! 😊👍
Rajesh Yaji
Excellent application for Expense record and monitoring. I really appreciate your hard work and thanks to the entire team.You guys are really talented...
Finally found a simple and easy to use app, the best thing is, it can customize the category which most app can't
Perfect application with user friendly design. Easy to use with multiple options for better user experience.
Dusan Janosevic
Simple and well designed. Data stays in the phone, perfect for those concerned with privacy.
Sijun M M