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About Moneon — personal budget planner, finance tracker

Moneon – expense tracker & handy budget tool that will help you to save money 💰 Note daily expenses, plan personal & family budget, track debts, set bill reminder and spend less 📉 Our users cut their excessive spendings by up to 25% in one month!

App features:

💸 Personal finance management (pfm) & spending tracker – track your expenses, analyze it and reduce. You also can use Moneon as a bill reminder and set future expenses.

💫 Income accounting. You can also add income (salary, bonuses, scholarships) to see the current balance.

👛 An unlimited number of virtual wallets. Create a wallet for personal, family, work or any other finance. We advise to not mix up personal finance with others and not spread them into different wallets (e.g., cash and card) cause it makes the whole management process harder.

📍 Categories and subcategories. Remember to divide your spendings into categories. It’ll help you to highlight the unnecessary expenses. You can always add your own categories.

🔖 Tags. It allows you to group expenses in different categories with a special factor. It can be a trip, special event, location or credit card spendings. It’s totally up to you :)

💼 Budgeting. Set a budget on the whole virtual wallet or certain category/tag. It’s perfect for tracing and saving your own money. You can set any period for it, daily, weekly, monthly. It’s up to you how to use this budget saver!

🏦 Currencies. Moneon supports most of the existing currencies. Tap on currency symbol while creating a new wallet and pick the one you need.

📱 All main features are located in one place on the Summary page. You can easily change the wallets, add transactions, set budgets, manage debts. It’s definitely easier to analyze your finance this way.

🔒 Protect your financial data with password

All these features will always remain absolutely free! 🎉

The functionality of the app can be expanded by purchasing a subscription to the premium package. It includes:

🏡 Shared wallets. Synchronized virtual wallets for family members, colleagues or friends. With it you can set and manage family budgets and more.

📊 Financial reporting. Create useful reports and analyze your financial statement.

📝 Debt tracker. Manage your debts, plan payoffs and calculator. We’ll be your reminder and tell you when it’s time to return the money or pay the bills.

📷 Photo attachments. Add bills and slips photos to your transactions to highlight it among the others.

📮 Export your data in csv

With Moneon, personal finance management (pfm) and budget saver is on your phone in your purse!

If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact us [email protected]!

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Moneon?

Moneon is a personal budget planner and finance tracker app that helps you save money by tracking your expenses and budgeting.

How does Moneon help with personal finance management?

Moneon helps with personal finance management by allowing you to track your expenses, analyze them, and reduce unnecessary spendings. It also serves as a bill reminder and allows you to set future expenses.

Can I add my income to Moneon?

Yes, you can add your income, such as salary, bonuses, and scholarships, to see your current balance.

Can I create multiple virtual wallets in Moneon?

Yes, you can create an unlimited number of virtual wallets for personal, family, work, or any other finance. It is advised to keep personal finance separate from others.

How can I categorize my spendings in Moneon?

You can divide your spendings into categories and subcategories in Moneon. This will help you highlight unnecessary expenses. You can also add your own categories.

What are tags in Moneon used for?

Tags in Moneon allow you to group expenses in different categories with a special factor, such as a trip, special event, location, or credit card spendings.

Can I set a budget in Moneon?

Yes, you can set a budget for the whole virtual wallet or a certain category/tag in Moneon. It helps you trace and save your own money. You can set any period for the budget, such as daily, weekly, or monthly.

What currencies does Moneon support?

Moneon supports most of the existing currencies. You can choose the currency you need while creating a new wallet.

Where can I find all the main features in Moneon?

All the main features of Moneon, including changing wallets, adding transactions, setting budgets, and managing debts, are conveniently located on the Summary page.

How can I protect my financial data in Moneon?

You can protect your financial data in Moneon by setting a password.

What features are included in the premium package of Moneon?

The premium package of Moneon includes shared wallets, synchronized virtual wallets for family members, colleagues, or friends, financial reporting, debt tracker, and the ability to attach photos to transactions.

Can I export my data from Moneon?

Yes, you can export your data in csv format from Moneon.

Is Moneon a free app?

Yes, Moneon is free to use. However, there is a premium package available for purchase to access additional features.
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Very easy and helpful application!
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I think this app shines in the simple UI interface and it's laid out very clearly. I especially love the fact that I can see my different budgets I've set for the month. I've wanted this feature on many othe...
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