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About N2F - Expense Reports

N2F is the solution that will take the headache out of managing your expense reports!

Just take a picture of your receipt, the smart scan extracts all important data and fills in your expense report in a flash (date, amount, currency, taxes... are instantly completed without any manual entry!)
With the legal archiving option, you no longer need to keep your paper receipts.

N2F also knows how to manage your supplier invoices (Uber, Easyjet,, Amazon, PayByPhone, etc.), you just need to send them by email to [email protected] and they will automatically be added to your expense report.

The app works on both smartphones and computers with our web app and saves time for everyone:

✓ Save your expenses in less than 5 seconds through the mobile app
✓ Go paperless by taking photos of your receipts
✓ Your mileage allowances are calculated automatically (tax or personalized scale)
✓ Easily print your expense report in a clear, customizable PDF or Excel summary
✓ Organize your expenses per month, per project, per customer, per trip ...
✓ In a hurry? Just enter the minimum information, and N2F will remind you that your expense is incomplete

✓ Approve your team's expense reports through a customizable workflow
✓ Save time with an easy-to-read dashboard for business expenses
✓ Quickly see expenses that went over authorized limits
✓ Invoice your clients more easily: N2F does the job for you!

Accounting and Administrative Services:
✓ No more double entries! N2F generates the output file for your accounting software
✓ N2F automatically calculates the recoverable VAT
✓ Set the appropriate limits for your business (expense policy)
✓ Check receipts in no time from the web dashboard
✓ Quickly reimburse employees with SEPA export or accounting software import
✓ Effectively track your fleet of vehicles

✓ Save your staff time by choosing N2F
✓ Track the budget for business trips with our powerful reporting tool
✓ Optimize business expenses and mileage allowances
✓ Save on your travel expense budget!

Want more?
✓ Log in to the web app to make mass entries or access the reporting module
✓ All international currencies are available (at automatically updated rates)
✓ Manage your projects, your customers, your business, your travel expenses
✓ Create your own analytical axes and determine their display by category
✓ View the 'my expense reports' list for a quick summary
✓ Track your mileage and travel expenses per vehicle and period

With N2F, your business expenses, travel expenses and mileage allowances will (finally) be managed effectively!

Easy integration with accounting software, ERP, IMP and other softwares: Sage, Cegid, SAP, Quadra, Quadratus, Loop, Ibiza, EBP, Divalto, QuickBooks, Oracle, JD Edwards, PeopleSoft, Workday, Microsoft Office 365, SSO, FTP.

N2F has API/web services to connect your IS.

Move easily from your old expense management application (Expensya, Xpenditure, SAP Concur, ExpenSify, Expense It, JenJi, CleEmy, notilus InOne, Rio, Captio, Zaho, Spendesk, certify, etc.) to N2F.

If a feature seems to be missing, if you have ideas for improvement, if you would like a demonstration, please contact us!

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is N2F?

N2F is a solution that helps manage expense reports and invoices. It allows users to easily scan and extract data from receipts, eliminating the need for manual entry. N2F also offers features for organizing expenses, calculating mileage allowances, approving expense reports, generating PDF or Excel summaries, and integrating with accounting software.

How does N2F work for employees?

N2F allows employees to save their expenses in less than 5 seconds through the mobile app by taking photos of their receipts. The app automatically fills in important data and calculates mileage allowances. Employees can easily organize their expenses, print expense reports, and receive reminders for incomplete expenses.

What benefits does N2F offer to managers?

N2F provides managers with a customizable workflow for approving team expense reports. It also offers an easy-to-read dashboard for monitoring business expenses, quickly identifying expenses that exceed authorized limits, and automating client invoicing.

How can N2F benefit accounting and administrative services?

N2F eliminates the need for double entries by generating output files for accounting software and automatically calculating recoverable VAT. It allows users to set appropriate expense limits, check receipts from a web dashboard, and quickly reimburse employees through SEPA export or accounting software import. N2F also offers effective fleet tracking for vehicles.

What advantages does N2F provide for executives?

N2F helps executives save their staff time by streamlining expense management. It offers a powerful reporting tool for tracking budget for business trips and optimizing expenses and mileage allowances, resulting in potential savings on travel expenses.

What additional features does N2F offer?

In addition to its core features, N2F provides a web app for mass entries and reporting, support for international currencies with automatically updated rates, project and customer management, customization of analytical axes, quick summary of expense reports, and tracking of mileage and travel expenses per vehicle and period.

Can N2F integrate with other software?

Yes, N2F offers easy integration with accounting software, ERP, IMP, and other software such as Sage, Cegid, SAP, QuickBooks, and Microsoft Office 365. It also provides API/web services to connect with your existing information system.

Can I switch from my current expense management application to N2F?

Yes, N2F offers easy migration from various expense management applications like Expensya, SAP Concur, Xpenditure, and Expense It. You can seamlessly transition to N2F and take advantage of its features. If you have any questions, ideas for improvement, or would like a demonstration, please contact us.
2 years without any problem
Viny Poncin
Simply the best app for our small SME company expenses
SMT Music
Vernon V. Evangelista Sr.
Great product, straight forward, with solid support.
Will Campbell
The automation scan to input totals and dates is a great time saver.Very efficient.
Rob W
I'm on the road all the time. Works great and meets corporate reporting requirements.
Katerina Tarasova