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About Dispensatio - Budget Manager

Your budget in your pocket! Keep an overview of your finances and control your income & spendings at a glance!

With Dispensatio you keep the overview. Enter your income and spendings quickly and easily and view your account balance at any time. Dispensatio impresses with its simplicity and gives you a great overview!

Use the statistics to keep track of your monthly income and spendings and discover opportunities for savings. Manage your finances in different accounts and categories.

Create recurring entries in the form of standing orders and be reminded of upcoming transactions. Don't miss any notice periods anymore, get reminded of expiring contracts by Dispensatio and terminate in time!

Functional Overview
- Budget overview of monthly income & spendings
- Manage transactions on different accounts
- Statistical analysis of your finances
- Fixed costs overview
- Evaluations by category
- Preview of upcoming transactions
- Manage your standing orders
- Let yourself be reminded of expiring contracts and terminate them in time
- High security through Face ID / Touch ID
- Your data remains stored locally on your device only
- Export your transactions in CSV format
- Export your accounts in CSV format
- No registration necessary

Data protection:
Your data will be stored locally on your device. There is NO synchronization with external servers or similar. No registration is necessary. Your data belongs to you and stays with you! Additionally, you have the possibility to use Face ID / Touch ID when opening the app.

In the feedback section of the app you have the possibility to send us your questions or suggestions for improvement. I'm trying to improve the app continuously and take the requests very seriously. So don't hesitate if something seems unclear or you find an error.

Download and try it for free:
You can test Dispensatio for one month free of charge in its full scope and have a close look and try everything. After one month you can purchase the PRO version of Dispensatio with a one-time purchase and continue to enjoy the diversity of Dispensatio.

If you like the app, please rate it in the Play Store and support the development of Dispensatio!

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Dispensatio?

Dispensatio is a budget manager app that allows you to keep track of your finances and control your income and spendings.

What features does Dispensatio offer?

Dispensatio offers a budget overview, transaction management, statistical analysis, fixed costs overview, category evaluations, preview of upcoming transactions, management of standing orders, reminder for expiring contracts, Face ID/Touch ID security, data stored locally on your device, CSV exports, and no registration required.

How can Dispensatio help me manage my finances?

With Dispensatio, you can easily enter your income and spendings, view your account balance, track monthly income and spendings, discover savings opportunities, manage different accounts and categories, create recurring entries, and receive reminders for upcoming transactions and expiring contracts.

Is my data secure with Dispensatio?

Yes, your data is stored locally on your device and there is no synchronization with external servers. You can also use Face ID/Touch ID for additional security when opening the app.

How can I provide feedback or suggestions for improvement?

You can send your questions or suggestions for improvement through the feedback section of the app. The developers take user requests seriously and continuously work on improving the app.

Can I try Dispensatio for free?

Yes, you can download and try Dispensatio for free for one month. After the trial period, you can purchase the PRO version with a one-time purchase to continue using all the features.

How can I support the development of Dispensatio?

If you like the app, please rate it in the Play Store. Your ratings and support will help in the development of Dispensatio.