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About Budget: expense tracker, money

Budget, expense tracker, money is a perfect solution for those who want to manage finances without wasting time and effort.
We created an app that you would actually want to keep using!
Forget about incomprehensible interfaces, complicated functions and endless Excel tables! With Budget, expense tracker, money app control over the budget and finances will be simple and pleasant! You will know exactly where your money goes, hence saving up and amassing money will be easier!

Budget, expense tracker, money app is:

- Ease of use
With an intuitive interface the process of adding expenses and revenue will be fast: fill in only key information with just a couple of taps, or add such further details as comments or photos of the receipt to the transaction.

- Control over recurring payments
Add recurring payments and set reminders, and the app will send you notification at the stated time. And what is more, adding a corresponding transaction will be faster than ever, it won’t require effort and will save your precious time.

- All accounts in one place
Look through all of your accounts and overall balance on one screen - all important information at a glance!

- Visual clarity
Understand your spendings and income better with informative diagrams, charts and reports. Take a closer look at your bills and transactions on one or multiple accounts for a specified time period, or select a relevant category for even more details on your financial state. Convenient sorting options and keyword search will make this process super easy.

- Budget planning
Set limits for selected categories of expenses and make sure to stay within cost constraints. Limits feature will help you avoid unnecessary expenses and impulse purchases, save money and you will reach your financial goals faster.

- Customization
Create your own categories, add accounts and the app will only display the information you actually need, nothing in excess!

- Security
Security is important! You can lock the app with a passcode or use biometric authentication to protect the app from intruders and make sure that you are the only one who can access your financial data.

- Multicurrency support
The app supports multiple currencies: you can add transactions in various currencies - for instance, when on vacation abroad, in case of income in a foreign currency or purchases in a different country. Built-in calculator will automatically update the exchange rate and make all necessary calculations.

- Data safety
No need to worry about your data safety! With our data synchronization you can be sure that even when you change your mobile device nothing will be lost and your information will stay with you.

When it comes to financial management it’s regularity and system approach that really matter. We created an app that doesn’t require any special knowledge - an app that you will definitely want to use day by day! Know where your money goes! Achieve your financial goals faster! And Budget, expense tracker, money app is here to help!

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Budget: expense tracker, money

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Budget, expense tracker, money is a perfect solution for those who want...