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About WIM: expense tracker, budget planner

Looking for a convenient app to control your finances?

Try Wim
We provided everything that did not suit us in the existing similar applications for accounting and money control and created Wim Money. In the application we have collected the best and most necessary. 🧘

Install and get started:
✍ Maintain a convenient and understandable budget by category;
☝ Track incomes and expenses in one move
📲 Setup automatic expenses mode
⛵ Set financial goals and achieve them, save money
📮 Use the most convenient account of debts
📊 Analyze statistics and optimize your finances

You will be able to plan a budget for all categories of expenses, as well as plan your income. Analyze your financial situation, costs and income using reports and graphs.

Add expenses is simple, we made it convenient! You can also set up automatic expenses mode.

Simple and convenient accounting of debts / loans. Who, to whom and how much, when owe. All in one place and without extra windows.

In the application, you can create financial goals, save for your desired purchases or gifts.

And also waiting for you:
✔️Visual analytics
✔️Financial operations history
✔️Create as many accounts and categories as you like
✔️Tags and comments for each operation
✔️Backup to Google Drive
✔️Multi-currency accounts
✔️Icons for categories and accounts
✔️Friendly tech. Support

Surely you at least once wondered "Where is my money?". How did it happen that there is no trace left of the planned savings, and with spending growth only spending grows? We will help you figure it out :)

The full name of our WIM Money app (Where Is My Money) speaks for itself. We made this application, for ourselves and for you! And we use it every day.

The application is free, but it is limited to a trial period with a limit on the number of transactions. We are grateful to everyone who buys a subscription! You help make us a good app.

And that's not all!
Our application is constantly updated.
What we want to add in WIM Money:
✳️ advanced financial forecasting and advice;
✳️ online joint accounting;
✳️ automatic backup;
✳️ online synchronization of devices and PC version;
✳️ import of operations directly from the bank;
✳️ advanced credit accounting;
✳️ different topics;
✳️ support for more currencies;

Any ideas or questions on money management? Did you really like something in the application or didn’t like it on the contrary? Write to us for any reason :) To [email protected] or to telegram @WimMoney

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Wim?

Wim is an expense tracker and budget planner app.

What features does Wim offer?

Wim offers features such as maintaining a budget by category, tracking incomes and expenses, automatic expenses mode, setting financial goals, managing debts, analyzing statistics, and optimizing finances.

Can I plan a budget for different categories of expenses?

Yes, you can plan a budget for all categories of expenses using Wim.

Can I track my income using Wim?

Yes, you can track your income using Wim.

Are there any analytics and reports available in Wim?

Yes, Wim provides visual analytics and reports to help you analyze your financial situation.

Is it easy to add expenses in Wim?

Yes, adding expenses in Wim is simple and convenient.

Can I set up automatic expenses in Wim?

Yes, you can set up automatic expenses mode in Wim.

Does Wim have a feature to manage debts or loans?

Yes, Wim allows you to manage debts and loans in one place.

Can I create financial goals in Wim?

Yes, you can create financial goals and save for desired purchases or gifts in Wim.

Are there any additional features in Wim?

Yes, Wim also offers features such as multi-currency accounts, backup to Google Drive, tags and comments for each operation, and friendly technical support.

Is Wim a free app?

Wim is free, but it has a trial period with a limit on the number of transactions. There is an option to buy a subscription to unlock additional features.

What are the future plans for Wim?

The developers plan to add advanced financial forecasting and advice, online joint accounting, automatic backup, online synchronization of devices, import of operations directly from the bank, advanced credit accounting, different themes, and support for more currencies in Wim.

Where can I contact the Wim team for any questions or feedback?

You can contact the Wim team at [email protected] or on Telegram @WimMoney.