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About CoinKeeper³ - Spending tracker & money manager

CoinKeeper³ is an upgraded version of the legendary app. Recording and tracking your expenses has never been simpler. Start your new financially conscious life with new CoinKeeper.


The intuitive diagram will show you:

categories you should spend less money on;

categories you spend the most of your money on;

how to make correct decisions based upon specifically your financial situation.


CoinKeeper shows you when it’s time to stop.

Set the limits on expense categories and once you are over your budget, you’ll see it.


Shared budgeting has never been easier: your family members record expenses in their own devices. Accounts’ balances will be displayed on each device.


CoinKeeper³ is a handy, simple and intuitive app that provides you with:

all your accounts, cards and cash is shown on one screen;

fast access to any of your financial information in one easy swipe;

tags and comments, that help you to specificate your expenses;

the unlimited number of expense categories for making your very own budgeting system.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is CoinKeeper³?

CoinKeeper³ is an upgraded version of a spending tracker and money manager app that helps you record and track your expenses.

How can CoinKeeper³ help me save money?

CoinKeeper³ provides an intuitive diagram that shows you which categories you should spend less money on, the categories you spend the most money on, and helps you make better decisions based on your financial situation.

Can CoinKeeper³ help me stick to my budget?

Yes, CoinKeeper³ can help you stick to your budget by allowing you to set limits on expense categories. You will receive a notification when you exceed your budget.

Can I use CoinKeeper³ for shared budgeting with my family?

Yes, CoinKeeper³ makes shared budgeting easier by allowing your family members to record expenses on their own devices. Balances of the accounts will be displayed on each device.

What features does CoinKeeper³ offer for individual solutions?

CoinKeeper³ offers a handy and intuitive app that displays all your accounts, cards, and cash on one screen. It provides fast access to your financial information, allows you to add tags and comments to your expenses, and offers an unlimited number of expense categories for a personalized budgeting system.
Чудесное приложение, спасибо. 😊
Sergey Petrushin
Excellent App once U are through with ur initial setup
Fahad Thakur
Wow. New design and graphs are looking very nice. Good job. I hope website can be nicer too.
Konstantin Armankutsev
This is the best personal finance app I've ever used! I've been using it for a few years and bought the unlimited subscription. Thank you for making it!! 😆
Charvia Ellena
Please enable future transactions dates and Recurring transactions
girish Ingle
UI, где все данные представлены на одной странице со скроллом, не выглядит удобным. Пожалуй останусь на прошлой версии приложения.
Илья Богдан