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About CoinKeeper: spending tracker

Popular personal finance management, budget, bills, income and expense tracker.
Now with new stunning Material design created special for Google Play!

What do they say about CoinKeeper?
- “I would definitely recommend it if you are looking for a less tedious way to budget". ---
- "CoinKeeper is by far the best and easiest to use personal finance app I’ve ever used" ---
- “CoinKeeper is a budgeting app that takes a unique and very prismatic visual route to achieving financial control.” --- Tap! Magazine

Where do I spent money on? How to spend less? Download CoinKeeper​ — the handiest way to plan and manage your finances, created especially for smartphones and tablets.
With CoinKeeper you finally:
* Know where the money goes to
* Spent less
* Plan your income and coming expenses
* Increase your wealth

CoinKeeper allows you to:
– Quickly add income or expense due to wonderful 'coin' interface
– Set monthly budgets and do financially planning in a better way
– Manage a family budget or use your CoinKeeper account on different devices with cloud sync
– See all your account, balance and expenses on the one screen

CoinKeeper better than others because it has:
– Financial goals: for example save up money for a foto camera or a new prisma
– Quick start, tutorial and HelpCenter for new users
– ​Reminders for recurring payments
– Detailed statistics
– Debts management
– Code lock
– Export to .CSV
– Support for all world currencies

CoinKeeper gets updates with new features every month!
If you have any questions regarding CoinKeeper, please reach us:
[email protected]

Follow us at:
Twitter: @CoinKeeperApp

p.s. Sometimes we'll send you a catty photo :)

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is CoinKeeper?

CoinKeeper is a popular personal finance management, budget, bills, income, and expense tracking app designed for smartphones and tablets.

What do people say about CoinKeeper?

According to, CoinKeeper is recommended as a less tedious way to budget. calls it the best and easiest to use personal finance app they've ever used. Tap! Magazine describes CoinKeeper as a budgeting app that takes a unique visual approach to achieving financial control.

What can CoinKeeper help me with?

CoinKeeper helps you track your expenses, spend less, plan your income and upcoming expenses, and increase your wealth.

What features does CoinKeeper have?

CoinKeeper allows you to quickly add income or expenses using a user-friendly "coin" interface. You can set monthly budgets, manage a family budget, or sync your CoinKeeper account across different devices. It provides a comprehensive view of your accounts, balances, and expenses on one screen. Additionally, CoinKeeper offers financial goals, tutorials, a HelpCenter for new users, reminders for recurring payments, detailed statistics, debts management, code lock, export to .CSV, and support for all world currencies.

How frequently does CoinKeeper receive updates?

CoinKeeper receives updates with new features every month.

How can I contact CoinKeeper's support team?

For any questions regarding CoinKeeper, you can reach the support team at [email protected].

Where can I follow CoinKeeper on social media?

You can follow CoinKeeper on Twitter (@CoinKeeperApp) and Facebook (

Does CoinKeeper have a sense of humor?

CoinKeeper occasionally sends catty photos.
I Love it is Good
Kelly G
Very convenient
Роберт Курило
alex wite
Great app to monitor your income & expenses! Very simple to use. Totally recommend it!
Mohamed Ashraf
Great app, I use it daily. May you please make Tags smarter? Those most used or last used would be at first place of choice instead of order of been added? Are there any updates/improvements planned overall?...
Viktor Becka
I love this app! It is so useful!
Pavla Fuertes