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About MyMoney - Money Manager, Expense Tracker & Budget

MyMoney is a personal money manager & budget app that helps you manage money use. This simple finance manager app can help you to track money use, manage budget, understand daily expenses and save money efficiently. MyMoney is not just a spending tracker, it has budget planner, intuitive analysis, effective charts and many helpful features - which make MyMoney a complete personal finance manager app. Use MyMoney and see the differences in your spending habit.

How to manage money and track expenses with MyMoney? It's simple, just add an expense record when you are spending somewhere. MyMoney will take care of it. See every dollar you spend to pay a bill, buy a coffee or anything with ease. MyMoney is your ultimate budget planner app that helps you plan monthly budget, achieve your budget goals and save money effectively. Too much spending on coffee? Set a budget on coffee and surely, you would not cross the budget goal. This limits your money use and helps you control your spending behavior. If you really want to track and save your money, MyMoney is the money tracker app that can really make it simple and easier for you.

Key features

★ Customizable Categories
Create and customize your own income & expense categories as many as you need. Select preferred category & account icons, titles. Choose your currency sign, decimal place etc. and make it yours.

★ Budget Planner
Plan monthly budget and minimize your expenses. Try not to cross your budget target.

★ Effective Analysis
MyMoney features analysis with various clean charts - Income-expense pie chart, cash flow chart and account contribution bar chart. Take a look on the expense flow to better understand your spending habits.

★ Multiple Accounts
Multiple accounts for managing wallet, cards, savings etc. No limitation on account creation. Track your money with ease.

★ Simple & Easy
MyMoney is designed to be simple and make your money management hassle-free. Its simple and easy-to-use interface will definitely make you love it.

★ Offline
MyMoney is a simple expense manager - fully offline, no internet required to use MyMoney.

★ Safe & Secured
Keep your record data safe with local backups. Restore them if necessary. Export worksheets to print the records.

You may consider buying MyMoney Pro here, which has additional features

Clarification for permissions:
- Storage: Needed only when you create or restore a backup file.
- Network Communication (Internet Access): Needed for sending crash reports and improving MyMoney.
- Run at startup: Needed for managing reminders.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

How does MyMoney help manage money and track expenses?

MyMoney allows you to add expense records and tracks every dollar you spend. It helps you plan monthly budgets, analyze your spending habits, and control your spending behavior.

Can I customize the categories in MyMoney?

Yes, you can create and customize your own income and expense categories. You can also choose icons, titles, currency sign, and decimal place according to your preferences.

Does MyMoney have a budget planner?

Yes, MyMoney has a budget planner feature that allows you to plan your monthly budget and minimize your expenses. It helps you set budget targets and track your spending.

What kind of analysis does MyMoney provide?

MyMoney provides various clean charts for analysis, including income-expense pie chart, cash flow chart, and account contribution bar chart. These charts help you better understand your spending habits and expense flow.

Can I manage multiple accounts in MyMoney?

Yes, MyMoney allows you to manage multiple accounts for wallets, cards, savings, and more. There is no limitation on account creation, making it easy to track your money across different accounts.

Is MyMoney easy to use?

Yes, MyMoney is designed to be simple and easy-to-use. Its interface is user-friendly and hassle-free, making money management a breeze.

Can I use MyMoney offline?

Yes, MyMoney is a fully offline expense manager. You do not need an internet connection to use it.

Is MyMoney safe and secure?

Yes, MyMoney keeps your record data safe with local backups. You can also export worksheets to print records if needed. It ensures the privacy and security of your financial information.

What are the additional features in MyMoney Pro?

MyMoney Pro has additional features that are not available in the free version. For more information, you can visit the link provided:

Why does MyMoney require certain permissions?

MyMoney may require storage permission to create or restore a backup file. It also requires network communication permission for sending crash reports and improving the app. The run at startup permission is needed for managing reminders.
I like the simplisty with this app. Has a fair share of analytics too. This is just perfect for any one wanting to trace his expenses with moderate emphasis on analytics. Thank you.
Benedict James
Nice App
This is the app I was looking for. It really suits on my daily expenses and budget tracker. Good job! I would recommend if MyMoney can put reminders, too.
Yvonie Galleto
It's soooo beneficial applications for me:) i like this apps because it helps me a lot for tracking my money xx thank you
Muthia Nur Faizah
I love it! So easy and convenient, even in the free version you have a lot of room to manage your finances. I really like it!
Natasha Bwalya Mulenga
Best among other app uptil now running smoothly GBU
Anthony Dmello