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About ProCoins debt tracker, spending tracker, budgeting

ProCoins – application for registering, tracking and managing personal spending, incomes, goals and budgets. Tracking your expenses has never been so easy and convenient.

Main functions of ProCoins which make registering your finances convenient and efficient:
1. Creating transactions by dragging and dropping one category onto another
2. Quick and easy way of adding new transactions from templates
3. Recurring transactions (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly)
4. Efficient budget control. ProCoins will warn you before reaching the budget limit
5. Data synchronization between all your devices via secure protocol
6. Easy management of loans, debts and credits.
7. Accounting for expenses and revenues
8. Reminders of upcoming transaction via Push-Notifications
9. Transferring funds between accounts
10. Adding multiple operations at once
11. Setting up, monitoring and achieving financial goals like savings
12. Full featured application version for free (limited number of created categories)
13. No advertisements!
14. Password protection
15. Multiple currencies with daily update of exchange rates
16. Detailed and interactive graphs (pie chart, line and bar graph)
17. Comparing data with previous month and year

ProCoins comes with the list of available reports, showing your incomes and expenses in beautiful and informative form. Some of the examples:
- Income and Expense report for given Day, Month, Year or even Custom Period
- Financial report on sub-categories
- Reports for budgets shown in Daily, Monthly, Yearly manner
- Granular statistics for all transactions
ProCoins is translated into the following languages:
- Russian
- English
- Belarusian
- Ukrainian
- Polish

We constantly improve ProCoins and add new features to help you track, plan and manage your finances more efficiently and effectively.


I love the simplicity of this app! It's very easy to use and the pastel colors are easy on the eyes. Kudos to the developer!
Susie Cox
This is a really terrific app! Is it possible to allow more icons per row, and also increase the amount of rows that can be displayed? I'm asking b'cos I'm using this app on a tablet, and it'll be nice to us...
Yeong Shao Lian
love this app just wish I could edit a transaction. update: thanks for the feedback didnt know to swipe right to edit. very helpful.
Agustina Gazaway