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About Otter Voice Meeting Notes (for English)

Otter is where conversations live. It records and takes meeting notes for you in real time, so you can stay focused on the conversation and rest assured that information, actions, attendees are captured, easily searchable, and shareable with your team. Also available online at . 600 minutes free every month. English only.

Supercharge your note taking with AI and use Otter for all your meetings, interviews, lectures, and everyday voice conversations.

Many Uses of Otter
★ Take meeting notes automatically
★ Share meeting minutes and summary with teammates to keep everyone in sync
★ Invite collaborators to edit and highlight meeting notes
★ Record and transcribe interviews, lectures, podcasts, videos, webinars, keynotes
★ Provide live captioning to deaf, hard-of-hearing, ESL people, and anyone with accessibility needs

Record & Transcribe Live
★ Record instantly in one tap, with widget and shortcut too
★ Transcribe in real time (when online) with high accuracy
★ Highlight the key points to review later
★ Insert photos of whiteboard discussions, slides, etc.
★ Scroll back to grab a quote or revisit a point
★ Input audio via built-in mic or Bluetooth device

Enrich Notes with AI
★ Punctuate, capitalize, and break paragraphs automatically
★ Identify speakers (after some training)
★ Generate word clouds and summary keywords; tap on a word to jump to where it was said

Share & Collaborate
★ Start a recording inside a group to share the transcript live
★ Invite group members to view, edit, and highlight collaboratively
★ Share externally via links
★ Include a link in your tweet to embed an interactive transcript

Search & Playback
★ Search the text so you don't have to scrub through the whole audio
★ Playback at adjustable speeds
★ Follow along the highlighted word as the audio is playing
★ Tap on any word to skip the audio to that spot

Edit & Highlight
★ Edit the text to correct any errors
★ Tag the speakers to label the paragraphs and train Otter to identify speakers too
★ Highlight sentences in one tap

Organize & Export
★ Organize your conversations into personal folders
★ Copy to clipboard, or share directly into other apps
★ Export text as PDF, TXT, or SRT
★ Export audio as MP3

Import & Sync
★ Import audio (aac, m4a, mp3, wav, wma) and video (avi, mov, mp4, mpg, wmv)
★ Sync with your Zoom (Pro or higher) account to transcribe cloud recordings
★ Upload from Call Recorder - ACR or other call recording apps
★ Sync with your calendars to get reminders to record your meetings and auto-title your notes
★ Import your contacts to make it easier to share
★ Back up your data to Otter’s cloud automatically and access securely from any device

Otter Premium
★ Get 6,000 minutes of transcription per month
★ Bulk export
★ More playback speeds and skip silence

Otter for Teams
★ Built for teams and organizations
★ Capture, organize, and share valuable knowledge collaboratively
★ Manage accounts and billing centrally
★ Learn more at

Top Honors
★ "Best Daily Helpers of 2018" – Google Play
★ "7 Best Apps of 2018" – Mashable
★ "25 Best New Apps of 2018" – Fast Company
★ “40 Best Free Android Apps” – Tom’s Guide
★ "100 Best Android Apps for 2019" – PCMag

※ Android 5.0 & up
※ Internet connection
※ You need to create an account to enjoy Otter. See our Terms of Service:

We take security and privacy very seriously. Your data is confidential with Otter. We do not sell or share your data with 3rd parties. You have full control to delete your data permanently. Learn more at

Contact Us
▶ Email: [email protected]
▶ Facebook: @OtterAI
▶ LinkedIn:
▶ Twitter: @otter_ai
▶ Web:

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Good app it's very useful
zombiegod 2356
I often don't give full marks except when I give full marks...Otter rocks
sammy badaki
Excellent app ! Trascribing ha never been better with Otter. The most close to accuracy I have ever found. So far. Great work !
Allysa Untalan
I have used otter for transcribing a recording. It was 90% perfect. Saved a lot of work. Once this pandemic comes to an end will consider using the Pro version for office use.
Ranga Vasan
I would give this app more stars if possible. This hands down the top app out of my 176 apps on my Pixel 4XL!!! An absolute must!!
Tammy Jones
Awesome solution for transcribing conversations.