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About Mnemonic Words

Vocabulary course for beginners.
Effective memorization technique.
250 glossaries on any topic.
10 exercises for memorization, vocabulary test, and games.

• Built-in interval word repetition technique, thanks to which the most disciplined users can remember up to 100%.
• Interval repetition calendar, which will show and tell you when and what words need to be repeated.
• Additional repetition of words in which you make mistakes in the exercises.

More than 250 glossaries of English words and phrases for all levels and on any topic.
• Beginner Level - 1000 words.
• Elementary level - 1500 words.
• Intermediate level - 2500 words.
• Advanced level - 6500 words.
• Thematic glossaries - 8000 words.
• Phrasal verbs and idioms - 7000 phrases.


The course is specially designed for users with the beginner level of vocabulary and will help you quickly and effectively learn the 1000 most necessary words in the English language. The course consists of 50 lists of 20 words and involves their consistent study by the method of interval repetition with regular testing of progress.

Learning English words in small lists will help organize and organize a large number of words and increase the efficiency of memorization.

Creating lists is possible in several ways:
• Automatic word selection for all levels.
• Individual selection of words from glossaries.
• Adding words from the dictionary.
• Creating lists from copied text.

10 different exercises for the comprehensive memorization of English words and phrases. From these exercises, you can always choose those that are right for you and your level of English.

A vocabulary test to determine your vocabulary level, as well as three fun vocabulary games to help you bring to the surface all the English words you have ever learned.

• Adding your own text associations.
• Ability to upload pictures (if they are missing).
• Adding your own translations.
• Changing the basic translation of a word.

More than 2500 conversational phrases on the most popular topics.
Ability to repeat phrases in 3 exercises.

Users with a renewable paid subscription can join up to 4 accounts to their account, and users with a “Lifetime Subscription” up to 6 accounts.

• Creating flashcards from glossaries and word lists and sending them to your email.
• Ability to add English words to your lists from other applications.
• Sending your lists with words to any installed messengers or email.
• Section "Favorites", in which you can add the glossaries, lists, words, and colloquial phrases you like.
• Section “Your vocabulary”, which stores all the learned words.
• The ability to learn words on our website

After installing the application, you will have the opportunity to use all available functions without restrictions for 3 days (with the exception of the "Family Access" function, as well as creating Flash Cards). After this period, the application will work in a limited mode.
To remove restrictions, you will have the opportunity to purchase one of the available subscriptions:
• An automatically renewable monthly or annual subscription.
 • A "lifetime subscription", which includes all in-app purchases.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is the purpose of the Mnemonic Words vocabulary course?

The Mnemonic Words vocabulary course is designed to help beginners effectively learn and memorize vocabulary.

How many glossaries are available in the Mnemonic Words app?

There are more than 250 glossaries available on any topic in the Mnemonic Words app.

What is the Memorization Method used in the Mnemonic Words app?

The Memorization Method in the Mnemonic Words app utilizes built-in interval word repetition technique, allowing users to remember up to 100%.

How many levels are there in the glossaries and dictionary section?

There are different levels in the glossaries and dictionary section: Beginner Level (1000 words), Elementary Level (1500 words), Intermediate Level (2500 words), Advanced Level (6500 words), Thematic glossaries (8000 words), and Phrasal verbs and idioms (7000 phrases).

What is the "My First 1000 English Words" vocabulary course?

"My First 1000 English Words" is a course specially designed for users with a beginner level of vocabulary to learn the 1000 most necessary words in the English language.

How can I create my own lists of words?

You can create your own lists of words in the Mnemonic Words app through automatic word selection, individual selection from glossaries, adding words from the dictionary, or creating lists from copied text.

What exercises are available for memorization?

The Mnemonic Words app offers 10 different exercises for comprehensive memorization of English words and phrases, along with a vocabulary test and three vocabulary games.

What additional work opportunities are available with words in the app?

You can add your own text associations, upload pictures, add your own translations, and change the basic translation of a word in the Mnemonic Words app.

What are the features of the Family Access function?

With a renewable paid subscription, users can join up to 4 accounts to their Mnemonic Words app account. "Lifetime Subscription" users can join up to 6 accounts.

What are some other useful functions in the Mnemonic Words app?

Other useful functions include creating flashcards, adding words from other applications, sending lists with words to messengers or email, organizing favorites, storing learned words, and the ability to learn words on the website.
Интересное приложение. Слова с картинками, и примерами использования, календарь повторений, глоссарий, упражнения и много чего ещё. Но самое главное - разработчик заинтересован в развитии приложения. Поэтому...
Just Relax
Бахытгуль Ахметова
Очень забавно получать в карантин АКТУАЛЬНУЮ лексику, вроде "копить" и "закрывать бизнес" :D
Olga Rain
Само по себе приложение отличное, методика обучения интересная, в день получается выучить один список из 20 слов, а это вполне неплохо 🤔 А ещё можно равлекать себя тестами, они классные :)
Amazing App, It has been a blessing in disguise as all other apps are still following the obsolete text book approach where in this app has pushed the envelope and gone an extra mile in terms of design and c...
Amusing Accidents
I bought it for a month. But he can use it for a day. Your schedule isn't working. .And now I'm going to delete it. ..... I restarted the app. It is fixed. It is working now. İt was working when I first boug...
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