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About LetMeSpeak – Learn English

Sound like a native speaker and speak English without an accent in just 3 weeks! 40 grammar topics, 6000 most common English words covering travel, work, and hobbies, and a fun story with 120+ bite-sized episodes – all in one app. Learn English words, improve your accent and practice English from the first minute with LetMeSpeak.


You will start speaking English fluently on any topic through language immersion.
Immersion is the most effective way to learn and practice English. You’ll be speaking English in no time without having to memorize lists of words and out-of-context grammar rules.


You’ll learn 6,000 of the most common English words everyone needs to travel, work, and communicate in a foreign language. Each new word comes with a translation and a memorable illustration.
You’ll learn new words and improve your English vocabulary every day. And with the spaced repetition, smart reminders, and clever associations, you won’t forget them.


Speak English correctly right from the start.
You’ll easily master the English grammar topics thanks to interactive exercises and easy-to-understand grammar explanations. Built-in games will challenge your skill and speed – you can even compete with other users learning English around the world in real-time!

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

How long does it take to sound like a native speaker with LetMeSpeak?

You can sound like a native speaker in just 3 weeks with LetMeSpeak.

How many grammar topics are covered in LetMeSpeak?

LetMeSpeak covers 40 grammar topics.

How many English words does LetMeSpeak cover?

LetMeSpeak covers 6000 of the most common English words.

Can LetMeSpeak help me improve my accent?

Yes, LetMeSpeak can help you improve your accent.

How can I learn English through immersion with LetMeSpeak?

LetMeSpeak allows you to learn English through language immersion.

Do I need to memorize lists of words and grammar rules with LetMeSpeak?

No, you don't need to memorize lists of words and grammar rules with LetMeSpeak.

How can I improve my English vocabulary with LetMeSpeak?

LetMeSpeak helps you improve your English vocabulary through daily practice and spaced repetition.

Are there interactive exercises for mastering English grammar in LetMeSpeak?

Yes, LetMeSpeak provides interactive exercises for mastering English grammar.

Can I compete with other users learning English in LetMeSpeak?

Yes, you can compete with other users learning English in LetMeSpeak in real-time.

How can I contact LetMeSpeak for any questions?

You can send a message to LetMeSpeak at [email protected].
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