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About Goodpods: Podcast App

Fast-growing, award-winning podcast player featured by Fast Company, Inc Magazine, and more.

Fast Company Magazine - As the number of podcasts explodes, Goodpods is building a social network to help users find which are actually worth listening to. The real innovation is in the recommendation engine, which has been carefully designed to avoid the ideological echo chambers that plague other social platforms. - Los Angeles-based Goodpods launched with the hopes of answering the question "What podcast should I listen to?" "Rotten Tomatoes does it for movies. Yelp does it for restaurants, Goodreads did it for books," said Goodpods co-founder, Ken Ramberg. "There was no discovery platform for good podcasts."

Inc. Magazine – Goodpods is a podcast-centric social network that co-founder JJ Ramberg defines as a mix between Goodreads and Instagram. The app has garnered the attention of celebrities as users including Kim Kardashian West, Simon Sinek, Katie Couric and Malcolm Gladwell.

Happy listening! – The Goodpods Team

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Why is Goodpods considered a fast-growing podcast app?

Goodpods is considered a fast-growing podcast app because it has been featured in Fast Company, Inc Magazine,, and other prestigious platforms.

What sets Goodpods apart from other social platforms?

Goodpods stands out from other social platforms due to its carefully designed recommendation engine that aims to avoid ideological echo chambers commonly found on other platforms.

Why was Goodpods launched?

Goodpods was launched to answer the question "What podcast should I listen to?" as there was no discovery platform specifically for finding good podcasts.

How does Goodpods describe itself?

Goodpods is described as a podcast-centric social network that combines the features of Goodreads and Instagram.

Which celebrities are using Goodpods?

Celebrities such as Kim Kardashian West, Simon Sinek, Katie Couric, and Malcolm Gladwell are among the users of Goodpods.
Love the options
Nice social media for podcaster and podcast lovers
Jimoh's Channel
One stop shop for podcasts & what pods your favourite people listen too. Great App
Jordy Mack
Loved it
Steve Mendes
Love it! Can't wait to see how this app evolves going forward.
S Diallo
Best podcast app on Android. Great to be able to see what my friends are listening to and other famous people and get recommendations
Ben Jarris