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About MusicVerse

MusicVerse is a digital platform for people to listen to sacred music, and for godly musicians to sell and share their compositions.

Every time young people are revived, or new members are baptized into our church, it has always been a struggle to point them to one location where they can find godly music without getting confused whether it is appropriate or not. It is a major challenge to browse through thousands of songs on Spotify or YouTube to hunt for godly songs.

Hence, we bring you MusicVerse!

MusicVerse is an app for:
1. People to listen to sacred music or scripture songs
2. For godly musicians to sell and share their compositions
3. For Adventist musicians to teach anyone who wants to learn how to play instruments or sing sacred music through masterclasses.

ALL profits from MusicVerse will be used to fund Bible work programs in
South East Asia and eventually other regions by God’s grace.