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About Hark Audio

Hark is a new way to experience the best of podcasts. Hark editors are podcast-obsessives who clip moments of podcast genius and curate them into Harklists - our own take on podcast mixtapes. Each day, we create Harklists to make you laugh, give you multiple perspectives on a topic, and find your next favorite show. All in less time than it takes to listen to a single episode.

And when you love a clip so much you don’t want it to stop, Hark will play you the full episode, and you can even subscribe to the podcast. Because, oh yeah, Hark’s a full-featured podcast app too.

What you can do on Hark:

Listen to Hark Daily, our editors’ favorite moments in news, culture and more, curated each day.
Explore the expanding array of Harklists on topics including News, Politics, Music, Science, Comedy, Business, Tech, Books, Sports, Pop Culture, Health & Wellness, Food, Art, and more.
Experience “Best of” Harklists featuring the greatest moments from our favorite podcasts, like RadioLab, Reply All and Baby Geniuses
When you love a clip, tap “Continue Listening” to hear the full episode.
Subscribe to your favorite podcasts to get the latest episodes in Hark.
Get suggestions for podcasts to subscribe to, based on the Harklists and clips that you listen to on Hark.
Create your own Harklists and clips, adding your own audio intros - to make your own meta-podcast.
Share Harklists and clips you love with pals - no more “go to 52:37 to hear this amazing moment.”
Hark Support:
Hark Terms of Service:
Privacy Policy:

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Hark?

Hark is a podcast app that allows you to experience curated podcast moments and create your own podcast mixtapes.

What can you do on Hark?

On Hark, you can listen to curated podcast moments on various topics, explore Harklists, discover new podcasts, subscribe to your favorite podcasts, create and share your own Harklists and clips.

How does Hark work?

Hark editors curate podcast moments into Harklists. You can listen to these curated moments, and if you love a clip, you can continue listening to the full episode. Hark also allows you to subscribe to your favorite podcasts.

Can I create my own Harklists?

Yes, you can create your own Harklists and even add your own audio intros to make your own meta-podcast.

How can I share Harklists and clips?

You can share Harklists and clips that you love with your friends, making it easier for them to access specific moments without having to search for them.

Where can I find support for Hark?

You can find support for Hark at

What are Hark's Terms of Service?

Hark's Terms of Service can be found at

What is Hark's Privacy Policy?

Hark's Privacy Policy can be found at
Clever way to listen to a wealth of fantastic podcasts. Loving it!
eloise corke
Brittney Morris
The app is quite informative, the entire design is pleasing to the eyes, and this is much easy to use. Thanks for this app, developer. Kudos.
Sire Rhysand
This is the perfect way to consume small, rapid fire stories from podcasts that prevent me from getting bored quickly. The ability to then go to the full episodes is great and I actually do like the little i...
Ian McDonald
Great concept, great aesthetic. I also actually like that there doesn't seem to be a played/unplayed function. It makes listening to episodes feel less like a to-do list and more leisurely. Harklists are why...
Adam Lauver
Try to show me how to harkcherub.
Aric Van Rooyen