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SPRK MUSIC is a social media and talent spotting platform for the music industry. Built with a simple user interface, that combines social media with video streaming to create the perfect platform for musicians.

Our “Find Users” tool - with unique, specialized and focused speciality/instrument/genre filter capabilities, enables musicians as well as music professionals to find, audition and collaborate with talented artists in a more precise, faster and easier way.

Use the SPRK MUSIC app to:

• Post videos and photos
• Browse videos and photos from people you follow in your newsfeed.
• Interact with posts you care about with comments and ratings.
• Search/Browse music artists via speciality/instrument and genre
• Search/Browse music artists via age/gender/location
• Message users privately
• Sign up to one of our optional 3-tier subscriptions
• And more!


We have 3 different subscription tiers that you can choose from to get that little bit of extra exposure with our extra marketing tools at a fraction of the cost that most marketing companies charge!

• SEMI PRO – Premium Support, + Get Featured in our global marketing campaigns + Basic Promotion to Labels and Brands

• PRO – (all of SEMI PRO features) + Social Media Automation Tool (x1 external social media account) + Direct Promotion to Labels and Brands

• SUPER PRO – (all of PRO features) + Exclusive Freebies + VIP Event Access + Social Media Automation Tool (x3 external social media accounts) + Targeted Promotion to Labels and Brands

You are able to publish a video on our platform and automatically distribute it to your external social media channels. It will automatically add hashtags and geo-tagging. It will then use Ai to find ways to increase your customer engagement or your audience engagement to help you become trending and spotlighted on Instagram for example. It can follow people, unfollow them, chase people and influencers you like which goes off to their followers and starts to get them engaged with you. It DM’s people, auto comments on their posts and starts to push content out for you. All this while you work, eat and sleep. It’s like having your own personal 24/7 virtual marketing manager!

Your profile is automatically promoted to all of our Label and Brand partners. An important part of our mission is to create opportunities and get artists with real talent spotted by record labels, music industry professionals and brands for record, project and endorsement deals. Our professional tool gives labels and brands the ability to find your profile and spot your talent and /or potential early on in your career. This could get you a step closer to your dreams and put you in front of music executives who have the power to change your life forever!

Any problems or want to give some feedback?

Send us an email at [email protected] and we will get back to you as quickly as we can! The more you tell us, the better SPRK MUSIC gets!

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Great app so far in terms of design and easiness of use. The categories listed could use some more items (we play synthrock, but this category is not listed). It has great potential! Keep on the nice develop...
One Step Heavier
Perfect app for musicians!
Justin Coombes