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About Lectera — online education, online courses

Lectera is an international online educational platform that provides video courses in the most demanded areas. The courses will allow you to master your professional, business, and personal skills that will help you increase your income, build a successful career, achieve the most ambitious goals, and, in a short time,  change your life for the better.

Download the app to start training in the following educational modules:
• Sales

• Business development

• Digital marketing

• Network marketing

• Leadership

• Female leadership

• Traffic management

• New professions offered by the digital age

• Financial literacy

• Soft skills

Use the app to register on the Lectera platform, choose the area of training and a video course.  Learn how to build your own business from scratch, invest money right, find a dream job, make money in the area of electronic commerce — eBay and Amazon. Become an effective leader and master the advanced sales techniques. Become a successful network manager, get tools to promote items and services on social media, and much more.
Fast Education

Develop new skills using the authorial methodology of Fast Education that has proven to be highly effective. The author of the methodology is Mila Semeshkina, the founder of Lectera.

The methodology is about:
1. Minimizing the amount of time you are required to spend on learning and getting the most useful information.

2. Fixing your knowledge by putting it in practice without delay and developing skills.

3. Getting instant results.

Each course includes from 7 to 10 short video lessons and compulsory homework that will allow you to put the knowledge gained during the lesson in practice and master it by doing practical exercises. There are also additional materials included in each lesson — useful instructions, guides, and checklists that will come in handy in your work after you complete the training. You can complete a course in 2.5 hours on average and you need a few more hours to do your homework.
Our educational programs are based on the principle of Money Education — "learn to earn". In other words, you learn only those things that help you increase your income.
Creators and speakers

Lectera educational programs are created by a strong international team of 150 experts from 18 countries. The courses are run by successful entrepreneurs and experienced practitioners. Get effective business tools, invaluable advice, and a great surge of positive emotions and motivation from our speakers.

Study at any time, anywhere, even without the Internet —  you can download a course for offline viewing by buying it via the app.
Use the Lectera mobile app, and you will always have a long list of courses at hand to get a quality online education for your needs instead of spending  years of your life on it. Acquire new specialist skills, apply tools, and get fast results. Achieve the life you've always dreamed of!

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