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About SAT® Prep: Practice Questions by Galvanize

The Galvanize SAT Prep App continues to help countless students improve their SAT score in NO TIME. Want to be next?

Step up your SAT® prep game:

Get a high SAT® score using this SAT prep app with an in-built score prediction! With challenging SAT practice tests you can crack the College Board designed SAT exam. Because a great SAT score is the first step towards your dream college.

Every practice question on this SAT app is designed to increase your accuracy while answering questions. With daily practice on our SAT test prep app, you will be able to reach your goals in no time.

SAT Practice on the go with:

• 100's of SAT Math, Reading and Writing practice questions
Practice the most challenging questions to help make your dream score in the SAT test possible. Consistent practice with this SAT app will boost your confidence.

• In-depth explanations
During your SAT prep, all you need is a platform with crystal clear explanations to help you understand all concepts. Our SAT app is that platform. Never skip your question reviews.

• Real-time SAT Score Predictor
Throughout your preparation, you will be provided with stats on the dashboard about your performance. With these stats, you will be able to predict your SAT score and prepare accordingly.

• SAT Preparedness Indicator
The SAT exam preparedness level indicator will also sound the alarm on just how much progress you’ve made in your SAT prep. This should motivate you to work harder to achieve your target SAT test score.

• Accuracy level indicator to boost your confidence and help you ace the SAT test!
This is one of the more unique features of our SAT app. It will help you focus more on quality than quantity. Good practice makes perfect, especially for competitive exams like the SAT.

Unpack the SAT® Test Prep with Galvanize:

Our SAT practice app will ensure you're well prepared to tackle any SAT practice test! Question types in the app include:
• SAT Reading Comprehension
• SAT Writing Comprehension
• SAT Math:
- Arithmetic
- Algebra
- Geometry
- Data Analysis

Spoiler Alert! Designed for serious aspirants:

To be better than the best, the SAT® practice tests on this app are what you need. The best part? Our SAT prep app has no ads to distract you!

📚 What is Galvanize Test Prep?

Right from SAT Prep to College Admits and everything in between, Galvanize Test prep has your back. Rest Assured. You’re one step closer to your Dream Admit.

Galvanize Test Prep is your ‘one-stop-shop’ for all your college educational dreams. Students and parents love our approach to teaching and admission counseling and vouch for its ease and effectiveness. Our happy customers are present in over 70 cities and 11 countries.

Any questions?

We work hard to ensure that all our students get the best Test Prep. Please email us at [email protected] if you have any questions or concerns.

PS: Don’t delay your SAT prep if you want to get the best score you can. Also, we have designed a vocabulary app for SAT and other competitive exams which you can find on our page. Start your SAT prep with Galvanize Test Prep today! Best of Luck :-)

SAT® is a registered trademark of the College Board. The College Board does not endorse, nor is it affiliated in any way with this application.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

How can the Galvanize SAT Prep App help improve SAT scores?

The Galvanize SAT Prep App helps students improve their SAT scores by providing challenging practice questions and a score prediction feature.

What types of SAT practice questions are included in the app?

The SAT practice questions in the app cover Math, Reading, and Writing, including topics such as Reading Comprehension, Writing Comprehension, Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry, and Data Analysis.

Does the SAT app provide in-depth explanations for the practice questions?

Yes, the SAT app provides in-depth explanations to help students understand the concepts behind each practice question.

Does the SAT app have a real-time score predictor?

Yes, the SAT app has a real-time score predictor that provides statistics on the student's performance and helps them predict their SAT score.

Is there an indicator in the SAT app that measures SAT exam preparedness level?

Yes, the SAT app has a preparedness indicator that shows the progress made in SAT prep and helps motivate students to achieve their target score.

Does the SAT app have an accuracy level indicator?

Yes, the SAT app has an accuracy level indicator that focuses on quality practice to boost confidence and improve performance on the SAT test.

Does the Galvanize Test Prep offer other services besides SAT prep?

Yes, Galvanize Test Prep offers a range of services, including college admissions counseling and assistance with various educational dreams.

How can I contact Galvanize Test Prep if I have questions or concerns?

You can email Galvanize Test Prep at [email protected] if you have any questions or concerns.

Is the Galvanize SAT Prep App free of distracting ads?

Yes, the Galvanize SAT Prep App does not contain any ads to distract students during their preparation.

Is the Galvanize SAT Prep App affiliated with the College Board?

No, the Galvanize SAT Prep App is not affiliated with the College Board, and the College Board does not endorse the app.
Great app
Eastwood Osei
This SAT practice app is fantastic. The app should be recommended as a practice app for all students who looks forward to take SAT examination💯.
Creative stars
In one word, the app is exceptional.
Selorm Hymselph
It's great
Folajimi Babawale
This app is great I have been enjoying it since I started using it
David Otung
A very good experience to solve questions from this app. But the only thing which i will suggest to surely look upon is that i'm not getting image of the figures which are related to the questions in my smar...
for the love of Mathematics