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About Primer | Adaptive Learning App

Learn at your own pace from anywhere!

Primer is a free educational app that includes lessons to help you learn about hundreds of important topics.

Primer uses an advanced adaptive learning algorithm to quickly identify your current knowledge and recommend new topics to study. After an initial assessment, you will be given lessons on useful topics that build on what you already know.

* Learn from anywhere in almost any language.
* Choose a curriculum for the subject you are most interested in studying.
* Adaptive learning decides when you are ready to move on to a new topic.
* Primer automatically reviews past topics to improve your long-term memory.
* Search from a library that covers hundreds of topics.

Primer is great for students just starting out, as well as adult learners who want to refresh their knowledge on specific topics.

Note: This app is in beta and maintained by a small but dedicated team. Please share your feedback and we will work hard to improve the app in future updates.

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