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About Spelling and Grammar

English Spelling and Grammar will help you learn to spell well in an entertaining way by
playing multiple-choice tests and quizzes. It covers complete spelling and grammar
including spelling rules, tricky words, irregular spelling, and commonly misspelled

You can practice your English in more than 100 categories:
* Short and long vowels/ syllables: Magic -e
* Consonants G or j? K, c, or ck? S or c? F, ff, or ph? D or t?
* Spelling patterns: Wa or wo? Thr or tr? Aw, au, al, all, or au? Oi or oy? W
or wh? X, cs, ct, or cc?
* Double consonants and letters
* R-controlled patterns: "Bossy r" words with er, ir, ur, or, etc.
* Endings, prefixes and suffixes:
-dge, -tch, -ge, -ch
-ey, -ie, -y, -ee
- ible or able
- ant or ent
- ance or ence
- ency or incy
- ary,ery, or ory
- tion, sion, cion, xion, or cian
- ic or ical
- for/fore/four
* Silent letters
* Homophones
* Grammar: Who or whom? Contractions and plurals. Verbs in present tense, past tense
and future tense.
*Capitalization (Uppercases and lowercases): names, professions, titles, cities,
geographical names, languages, countries, states, streets, holidays, stars, planets,
historical events, etc.
* Comma rules / punctuation: Serial comma, coordinating conjunctions,
subordinating conjunctions, relative clauses, interrupters
* Grammar: Parts of speech (noun, adjectives, adverbs, verbs, etc.),
types of nouns (concrete /abstract, common /proper, countable /uncountable), types
of pronouns (personal, subject, object, possessive and reflexive pronouns)
* Sentence structure/Sentence types: Complete sentences, fragments, run-ons. Independent and dependent clauses. Adverb clauses. Noun (nominal) clauses.

This app is the perfect spelling game for children of all ages, high school and university students, and adults. Compete in spelling games and become a spelling champion.

Have spelling and grammar rules simply explained, store your statistics and results. Track your kids’ progress by connecting to Eductify Parent Connect. You can also create a study
plan to plan your day-to-day learning. It is so easy to become a master in spelling!
Suitable for many exams and competitions, such as Spelling bee, IELTS, TOEFL, SAT,

Improve your English spelling skills in a fun and challenging way!

Great it makes me think
Erica Williams
My kids hated English at first but when i showed them this app they started getting interested in it
Ngozi Uzoukwu
Incredible ❤️ I love it 😍❤️
Frank Ovor